Everything You Missed in Wonder Woman 1984

Did you catch all these Easter eggs, references, and hidden secrets in Wonder Woman 1984?

From flight to the ability to create invisible planes, Wonder Woman 1984 debuted many of Diana’s new powers. However, were these Wonder Woman 1984 Easter eggs too invisible for you to catch yourself? Read on to learn about every Easter egg, reference, and hidden secret you missed in the movie.

The Riddler is Alive in 1984

Question Mark Joker DC Reference in Wonder Woman 1984

Diana and Steve help Barbara follow a lead at Babajide’s place to learn more about the Dreamstone. Eagle-eyed viewers might have caught a glimpse of some graffiti on Babajide’s wall. This graffiti includes a question mark and the question, “Where are you?” which is most likely a nod to the villain, the Riddler. A Riddler-like question mark was also spotted as an Easter egg in Batman v. Superman.

Every Character Foreshadows Barbara’s Transformation to Cheetah

Cheetah Easter eggs in Wonder Woman 1984

Most fans knew Barbara Minerva was going to transform into Cheetah based on the Wonder Woman 1984 trailers. However, if you didn’t, each main character dropped hints to help you along the way. When Barbara first met Diana, she took a liking to Diana’s cheetah print heels. Later on, the audience can find cheetah rugs sprawled out across Maxwell Lord’s couch and a cheetah print shirt that Steve Trevor tries on during his 1980s fashion session. Also don’t forget, the Cheetah that prominently stands behind Barbara at the Smithsonian when we’re first introduced to her.

Koslov Jewelers is A DC Character Reference 

Koslov Jewelers DC Reference in Wonder Woman 1984

The jewelry store that the criminals rob at the beginning of the film is called Koslov Jewelers. This could be a reference to the DC character Pyotr Roslov. Roslov is the illegitimate son of Joseph Stalin who became the head of the KGB. In Superman: Red Son, he was responsible for the death of Batman’s parents and had been a secret liaison of the CIA and Lex Luthor. Since Wonder Woman 1984 is set during the late phase of the Cold War and includes a nuclear standoff with the Soviet Union, it would make sense to include a link to the Russian character.

Etta Candy and Diana Stayed in Touch

Etta Candy Photo from Wonder Woman 1984

Diana’s apartment is full of mementos and photos from her past. She has a photo of her squad from Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor’s watch, and a photo of her in front of Trevor Ranch. However, the most interesting memento is a photo of her with an older woman in front of what looks like New York City. This woman is Etta Candy, Steve’s secretary from the first Wonder Woman film. Based on the photo, it looks like the two kept in touch after the events of Wonder Woman.

Waiting for Godot Easter Egg

Gal Gadot Book Reference in Wonder Woman 1984

On the way home from dinner with Diana, Barbara runs into one of her friends laying on a park bench. He’s reading a book called Waiting for Godot which could be a witty reference to Gal Godot.

Reference to Wonder Woman #83

Cheetah Comic Reference in Wonder Woman 1984

When Barbara discovers her powers at the gym, there’s a man behind her with the number 83 on his shirt. That number could reference Wonder Woman #83 which was a comic that pit Wonder Woman against Cheetah. In the comic, Diana has to return to her Amazonian past to stop Cheetah’s massacre. Ultimately, Cheetah thinks she’s helping Wonder Woman in the comic, which draws similarities to some of the scenes in Wonder Woman 1984.

Reference to Black Adam

Black Adam DC Easter egg in Wonder Woman 1984

Maxwell Lord went to Cairo, Egypt in an attempt to obtain Emir Said Bin Abydos’ oil. Emir told Lord that his deepest desire was for the lands of the Bialyian dynasty to return and some DC fans may have caught the slight reference. Bialya is a militaristic state in the DC comics and was the location where Black Adam went on a rampage to find the man who murdered his wife and brother-in-law. This small reference is a nod to the upcoming Black Adam film expected to debut December 22, 2021.

Nuclear Man Symbol

Wonder Woman 1984 DC Reference to Nuclear Man

The symbol on the floor of the mall at the beginning of the film is a sun-like object with 8 pointy rays. This looks a lot like the insignia on Nuclear Man’s uniform. Nuclear Man was a Superman enemy that Lex Luther created by placing genetic material on a nuclear missile. The ties between Nuclear Man and nukes could somehow relate to the nuclear missiles in Wonder Woman 1984.

Diana’s Golden Armor Reveal References Wonder Woman #112

Wonder Woman 1984 Comic Book Reference D-112

During the scene where Wonder Woman reveals her golden armor, the number/letter combination “D-112” is written on the door above her. This could be a reference to the comic, Wonder Woman Vol 1 #112 which has a lot of similarities to Wonder Woman 1984. The comic features a television broadcast, just like Maxwell Lord uses in the film, an Amazonian competition much like the beginning of Wonder Woman 1984, and Wonder Woman’s iconic invisible jet. In fact, Wonder Woman grants a young girl three wishes in the comic, much like Maxwell Lord attempts to do in Wonder Woman 1984.

Batman v Superman Easter Egg

Batman v Superman Easter Egg in Wonder Woman 1984 Music

At the end of Wonder Woman 1984, the hero pleas with the world and encourages everyone to renounce their wish. Playing in the background of this scene is a familiar song called “A Beautiful Lie”. The song was also featured at the beginning of Batman V Superman when Bruce Wayne is at his parent’s funeral. It’s also played during the infamous and controversial “Martha” scene.

Gal Gadot’s and Patty Jenkin’s Family Make an Appearance in the Final Scene

If you paid attention during the final scene, you might have caught a very touching Easter egg. As Wonder Woman is taking in the holiday scene, she’s accidentally hit by a snowball from a little boy and girl who are playing nearby. The little boy is Patty Jenkin’s son, Asa and the girl is Gal Gadot’s oldest daughter, Alma. Later on, you also see some children riding the Ferris wheel and you can catch Gal Gadot’s other daughter, Maya on one of the horses. The man next to her is Gadot’s husband, Yaron Varsano.

Lynda Carter’s Cameo

Lynda Carter Cameo in Wonder Woman 1984

One of the biggest Easter eggs in the film was Lynda Carter’s cameo during the mid-credits scene. Carter played Wonder Woman in the 1970s television show Wonder Woman and returned for a special cameo. In this scene, Carter reveals herself as the Amazonian warrior Asteria and the original owner of Wonder Woman’s golden armor. Every year, the Amazonian games are dedicated to Asteria and fans can even find her statue at the beginning of the film when the Amazonian warriors complete the competition.

There are other nods to the Wonder Woman television show throughout Wonder Woman 1984. For example, the clothes Diana wears throughout the movie are extremely similar to the ones Carter wore in her Wonder Woman series. When Steve Trevor first looks at his new body in the mirror at his apartment, it also draws parallels to Lyle Waggoner’s portrayal of Trevor in the 70s television series.


Did you find any other Easter eggs, hidden references, or secrets in Wonder Woman 1984? Let me know in the comments!

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