Tips, Tricks, and an Insider’s Guide to Disneyland’s Avengers Campus

Avengers assemble! The Avengers Campus is now open at Disneyland’s California Adventures and its ready to take on its newest recruits. Check out these tips and tricks to make sure you make the cut.

How Do I Enter the Campus?

Get there early and avoid the 4-hour standby line by obtaining either a WEB Slinger Virtual Queue Boarding Pass or a mobile food order for Pym’s Test Kitchen, Pym’s Tasting Lab, or Shawarma Palace. I got to the park around 9:15 and there was already a 4-hour standby line to get into the Avengers Campus area. However, cast members were allowing people immediate access if they had a boarding pass or a mobile order pickup, despite the Disneyland app stating that a mobile food order does not guarantee entry into Avengers Campus. I made a reservation for drinks at Pym’s Tasting Lab and walked straight into the area about 15 minutes before my order pickup time.

What is Inside the Avengers Campus?

Currently, the only ride in Avengers Campus is WEB Slingers, an interactive ride through the basement of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, or WEB, as riders collect or destroy as many Spider-Bots as possible using web-slinging powers. The Avengers Campus also has three dining locations: Pym’s Tasting Lab where fans can order iconic Ant-Man-themed food, Pym’s Tasting Lab where fans can sip on delicious alcoholic drinks, and Shawarma Palace where fans can grub out just like the Avengers. Throughout the campus, fans can also interact with characters from the Avengers series, shop at WEB Suppliers, and visit the Sanctum Sanctorum.

When Can  I Start Making Mobile Orders for Restaurants in the Campus?

According to some other fans I chatted with, you can start making mobile orders at 8 am if you’re within range of the park. Be sure to order as soon as possible because food orders were already unavailable about 15 minutes after the park opened and drink orders were unavailable an hour and a half later.

Can I Eat at the Restaurants without a Mobile Order?

Yes. On opening day, visitors to the Avengers Campus were also able to line up and order at Pym’s Test Kitchen, Pym’s Tasting Lab, and Shawarma Palace.

How Can I Ride WEB Slingers?

You will need a boarding pass to ride WEB Slingers, much like the boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance. You’ll have to fight your way to these spots, much like at the Battle of Wakanda; however, you’ll have two chances to make the cut: once at 7 am and again at noon. Be warned though — you can only have one boarding pass at a time so don’t try to get Web Slingers if you’ve already received a Rise of the Resistance pass.

What Characters Roamed the Avengers Campus and What Shows are There?

During my time in the Avengers Campus I came across Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Captain America, Thor, Loki, Black Panther, and Black Widow. There was also a 5-minute show on top of Avengers HQ that featured Black Widow and Black Panther taking on Taskmaster.

Can I Still Ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout?

Although it’s not a new ride, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is now a part of the Avengers Campus and can only be accessed if you make your way into the campus. Therefore, you’ll have to wait in the standby line, obtain a Web Slingers boarding pass, or make a food order to also ride Mission Breakout.

How Do I Shop at WEB Suppliers?

In order to gain access to the store, WEB Suppliers, you will have to put your name on a mobile waitlist. You can do this by visiting the store and signing up with one of the cast members standing outside with an iPad. The cast member will take your name and phone number and text you when you are able to go inside the store. It took me about an hour to get the text and then I was waiting in line for about 15 minutes after I got the text in order to enter the store.

Where Should I Shop for Avengers Campus Items?

To be honest, I would skip the WEB Suppliers store. There are not many gifts in the store that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Instead, check out the Backlot behind Philharmagic. The store is now full of Avengers items. You should also check out Elias & Co. which is where I found some of the exclusive items including the LE 1500 Avengers Campus pin and the opening day shirts. There is also a stand in Avenger Campus that has some clothing, mugs, and pins that are Avengers-specific, and the line there was never long.

What Exclusive Merch is Available for Purchase?

The most exclusive merch at Avengers Campus is the LE 1500 Avengers Campus pin. However, there are hidden gems all over the park. Check out these items and where I was able to find them:

  • Avengers Campus LE 1500 pin – $64.99 at Elias & Co. (There were still some available at 7 pm on June 4th)
  • Avengers Campus Opening Day Shirt – $19.99 at Elias & Co.
  • Gray Avengers Campus Shirt – $36.99 at Elias & Co.
  • Starbucks Cup with Avengers Campus – $24.99 at Elias & Co.
  • Avengers Hat – $29.99 at Campus Supply Pod (Stand inside Avengers Campus)
  • Quinjet Mule Mug – $19.99 at Campus Supply Pod (Stand inside Avengers Campus)
  • Avengers Lanyard – Campus Supply Pod (Stand inside Avengers Campus)
  • Avengers Pins – Campus Supply Pod (Stand inside Avengers Campus)

What are the COVID Restrictions?

There is very limited dining seating at Avengers Campus and you are not allowed to eat/drink at a non-dining area due to Disneyland’s COVID restrictions. The only seating areas were around the food areas and in front of Avengers HQ. The area in front of Avengers HQ was not designated a dining area, but cast members informed us it was okay to eat there.


These tips and tricks were based on opening day, but I will continue to add them as I learn more!

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