Everything You Missed in the Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

Did you catch all the hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and DC references in the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer?

An age of wonder begins in Wonder Woman 1984. See if you were too wonder-struck to catch all of these hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and references in the trailer.

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman Fireworks Plane

Probably one of the biggest Easter eggs in the trailer is Wonder Woman’s iconic invisible jet. At around timestamp 1:44, Wonder Woman takes out her lasso and swings into the sky. However, it looks like the lasso isn’t attached to anything.

Maybe we aren’t seeing what the lasso is attached to because it’s invisible. Maybe Diana actually hooked her lasso onto her invisible jet and is using the rope to get back to her ride. She could also be using the same trick later on in the trailer when we see her lassoing her way through the sky on lighting bolts.

The trailer also shows us a scene of Steve and Diana flying a plane through fireworks. Could this actually be the inside of the invisible jet?

The Watergate Complex

Wonder Woman Watergate

As a DC native, it was pretty easy spotting all the shots of our beautiful city. However, if you aren’t from the District you might have to look a little closer to spot a reference to this infamous location.

In the trailer’s first shot, we get a look into what looks like Wonder Woman’s apartment or office. If you look out the window, you might’ve noticed the iconic architecture of the Watergate complex. We can expect to see more shots of the infamous location since Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were spotted filming a scene outside of the Watergate Hotel this past summer. Apparently, there were also cows and vintage police cars on scene, so we can expect a very odd scene connected to a very interesting part of history.

Trevor Ranch

Wonder Woman Trevor Ranch

In Wonder Woman’s apartment or office, we see a couple of old photos and knick-knacks sitting on a desk. At around timestamp 0:16, we see a framed newspaper clipping that says “VFW Honors Local Hero” with a picture of what looks like a young Steve Trevor.

The trailer also shows, what looks like a picture of Wonder Woman outside a couple of mountains. If you strain your eyes and look at the sign she’s posing next to, it says “Trevor Ranch” which could show how she memorialized Steve Trevor after the events of Wonder Woman.

Next to the photo, we also see that Diana still has his watch. Steve gave this watch to Diana right before he died in Wonder Woman and later on in the trailer, we see him give her another watch as if to show that he is who he says he is.

Cheetah and Brunch

Wonder Woman Have You Ever Been in Love

In the very next scene, Diana’s friend Barbara Ann Minerva asks if she’s ever been in love. Now, the biggest reference in this scene is to Barbara, who we know becomes one of Wonder Woman’s biggest villains, Cheetah.

If you take a look at the background during this brunch, you might also catch a glimpse of some beautiful views of Washington, D.C. Based on this view, the place that Barbara and Diana are having lunch is none other than the W Hotel’s rooftop bar, P.O.V. They are sitting in a VIP seating area known as “The Washington Corner,” which is known for a good place to spot celebrities.

Interestingly, The Washington Corner also provides a great shot of the city which could create the perfect spot for Diana and Barbara to spot trouble from the window.

Reference to the Cold War and DC Character, Pyotr Roslov

Wonder Woman Trailer Roslov

The 80s style mall that we see in the trailer is Landmark Mall in Alexandria, VA. Although the mall may look very old and retro in the trailer, it looks a whole lot better than what the mall looks like now. Currently, it’s closed, defunct, and deprived of any human life. Therefore, it was interesting to see a store in the trailer that doesn’t exist in the Mall.

Around timestamp 0:32, we see an overview shot of the inside of the mall and in the top center, there’s a store called “Roslov Jewelers”. Roslov Jewelers is not a store inside Landmark Mall. Instead, it could be a reference to DC character, Pyotr Roslov.

Roslov is the illegitimate son of Joseph Stalin who became the head of the KGB. In Superman: Red Son, he was responsible for the death of Batman’s parents and had been a secret liaison of the CIA and Lex Luthor.

Wonder Woman 1984 would be set during the late phase of the Cold War, which is what could’ve sparked the idea of placing an Easter egg to a Russian/Soviet Union DC character in the trailer.

Cheetah and Her Link to Archaeology

Wonder Woman 1984 Kristen Wiig

In the comics, Barbara Minerva was an archaeologist who became cursed and transformed into a half-woman, half-Cheetah. From the trailer, it seems as though Wonder Woman 1984 might honor a similar backstory.

In the first movie, Diana was a museum curator, which would provide the perfect setting for her to meet the archaeologist, Barbara. Later on, in the trailer, we also see Maxwell Lord with a strange artifact. There are theories out there that suggest Barbara helped him retrieve this artifact in exchange for something she wants. This could be the start of Barbara’s transformation into Cheetah and her path towards the dark side.

Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman Maxwell Lord

The trailer introduces us to one of the movie’s villains, Maxwell Lord. In the comics, Maxwell was a businessman and villain to superheroes everywhere. Co-writer Patty Jenkins has described Maxwell as:

a character very much of the time period the movie is in, he’s the King of Infomercials, and he’s selling a dream to the public, and he’ll do anything to be successful. But sometimes when you get what you want, greatness comes with a price. So that’s Maxwell Lord

As the 1980s was the pinnacle of greed and the rich and famous, Maxwell could do some heavy damage in the film as he inspires people to “have everything they always wanted”.

In the comics, Maxwell was also responsible for the installation of surveillance equipment around the world, which could suggest why Diana destroys a security camera in the trailer. They could potentially relate to his evil plan to achieve greatness.

The surveillance equipment also further ties the film to the George Orwell book, 1984. Big brother is always watching.


Wonder Woman Satellite

In the Countdown to Infinite Crisis comic, Maxwell Lord is given control of Batman’s Brother Eye satellite system and works with Lex Luthor’s son to release a nano-virus that infects human bodies and gives them the ability to hunt and kill super-humans. These infected humans were known as OMACs, or Omni Mind and Community, and were ordered to take out the meta-humans in the world.

We see Maxwell Lord with a satellite system in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, which could be a link to the Countdown to Infinite Crisis comic. He could use this satellite and the artifact in the trailer to create his legion of OMACs, who will come after Wonder Woman. This could also be the way that Barbara Minerva turns into Cheetah in this film.

In the trailer, we also see Wonder Woman take out a security camera at a mall. Although this could be a way for her to hide her identity, it also could be because the camera is a means to mind-control the OMACs. This could also be the reason why we also see Diana take on a lot of police officers and security guards in the trailer – they’re all being mind controlled and ordered to go after Wonder Woman. Interestingly, this concept of being watched by technology also relates to George Orwell’s book, 1984. 

The Old Post Office Pavilion Tower

Wonder Woman Old Post Office

At the end of the trailer, around timestamp 1:44, we see Wonder Woman blast off into the sky with her lasso. Right before the scene cuts out, we see a tower in the distance.

This tower is the Old Post Office Pavilion Tower in Washington, D.C. It’s the third-highest tower in the city and was once used as the city’s main post office at the beginning of World War I. Since the first Wonder Woman was set during World War I, this tower could be a nice nod to the previous film.

Trouble in DC

Wonder Woman 1984 White House

There’s no doubt that this film will be set in Washington, D.C. Around timestamp 1:14, we see a shot of Pennsylvania Avenue leading up to the Capitol Building. Although the traffic in the city typically looks like this every day, we also see hints of destruction and disaster.

Then, we Steve and Diana at what looks like the White House – or at least how movies like to depict the White House. The man behind the security guards shooting at the heroes also looks like Secret Service, potentially suggesting there will be a breach at the big white house.

The Movie Takes Place Around the Fourth of July

Wonder Woman Fourth of July

There are hints in the trailer that point to America’s independence. During the trailer, there’s a scene of a man watching Maxwell Lord’s infomercial. Take a look at the background and you’ll notice that the store is decorated with a lot of Fourth of July-esque decorations. Later on, we also see Steve and Diana flying through fireworks, which could be part of a Fourth of July celebration.

The Hishorn Museum

Wonder Woman Hishorn

At the end of the trailer, we get a hilarious jab at modern art when Steve Trevor mistakes a trashcan for a sculpture. This trash can is front of the Hishorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.

The Hishorn Museum is known for its contemporary art and you can see one of the pieces in the trailer. Right outside the building, there’s a black and white sculpture which Diana and Steve stop to admire. This sculpture is known as the Brushstroke and was meant to mimic a dynamic giant brushstroke of paint.

Interestingly, the Brushstroke was not acquired by the Hishorn Museum until 2003. So, could this mean Diana and Steve Rogers time travel or is this just a goof on the part of production?

The Golden Armor and D-112

Wonder Woman Golden Armor

At the end of the trailer, we see Wonder Woman in fabulous gold known as the Golden Eagle Armor. This gold armor comes straight out of the Wonder Woman Kingdom Come comics and will likely be used in the movie after Barbara Minerva goes full Cheetah. When she gains her full powers, Cheetah is strong enough to rip through Wonder Woman’s skin, so it would only make sense for Diana to wear armor that covers her entire body.

During the scene where Wonder Woman reveals her golden armor, there’s the number/letter combination “D-112” written above her. This could be a reference to the comic, Wonder Woman Vol 1 #112 which has as lot of similarities to the trailer. The comic features a television broadcast, just like Maxwell Lord uses in the trailer. In the comic, Wonder Woman also grants three wishes – which is what Maxwell Lord seems to be doing in the trailer as well. Wonder Woman #112 also features the invisible jet and a young Wonder Girl, just like we see in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer.

How is Steve Trevor Alive?

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor

Although we don’t really have an answer for why Steve is back, the trailer seems to tie his resurrection to Maxwell Lord. It makes us believe that Maxwell Lord gave Diana what she’s always wanted – the love of her life back. However, there are many other ways in which Steve could have returned. He might not even be the same Steve from the first movie – maybe he’s a clone with Steve’s memories or a direct descendant of the older Steve.

Either way, it looks as though the tables have turned in this movie. While Steve was teaching Diana in the first film, it seems as though Diana will be teaching Steve about the modern world in Wonder Woman 1984.


Have you uncovered any other secrets hidden in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailerLeave your thoughts in the comments! 


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