The Hidden Stan Lees in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The biggest Easter egg in any Marvel film is Stan Lee’s cameo and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had a lot more than you think. 

We all saw Miles walk into Stan Lee’s Collectibles as he chatted with the legendary Marvel creator about how they’re going to miss Spider-Man and eventually buys his first Spider-Man costume. However, this scene isn’t the only place where Stan Lee made an appearance. So, let’s dive back into the Spider-Verse and check out two more hidden Stan Lee cameos.

Stan Lee is Taking a Ride on a Train

Chris Miller, the film’s co-producer said that Stan Lee is all over Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and appears in the movie “dozens of times”. The first revealed cameo occurs when Mile Morales is swinging through New York City. He runs across a subway train and if you look inside one of the windows, you’ll spot Stan Lee sporting his Spider-Man web-slinging pose.

Stan Lee Steps over Miles

The second hidden Stan Lee cameo occurs when Miles is dragging Peter Parker (identified as a “homeless corpse” by the NYPD) through New York. At the end of the sequence, they fall off a bridge and land onto a pedestrian walkway as people step over them. When Miles says “alright thanks, New York,” you can see Stan Lee stepping right over him.

Check out this video and head to marker 3:22 to find Stan Lee in disguise.


According to the producers, Stan Lee makes several other crowd shots throughout the movie. Looks like we’ll have to check out the film in more detail when it hits stores on March 19th.


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