Captain Marvel: Could We See the Introduction of Nova?

During Avengers: Infinity War, we find out that Thanos destroyed Xandar, wiping out the Nova Corps and removing all possibilities of seeing the character Nova appear in the MCU. However, what if this was actually just the beginning? What if the destruction of Xandar and the Nova Corps is Nova’s origin story and the push that the character needs to enter the MCU stage?

Who is Nova?

Now there are two characters that carry the title of Nova throughout the Marvel Comics, but we’re going to focus on the one called Richard Rider. Richard Rider’s origin story starts with the destruction of Xandar. See the connection?

After Xandar is destroyed in the comics, the last surviving Centurion of Xandar’s elite Nova Corps, Rhomann Dey escapes to Earth to find someone to succeed him in the rank of Nova Prime. With death knocking on his door, Dey transfers his power to a teenage boy from New York in hopes that he will be worthy of the title. Rider then finds himself possessed with extreme strength, invulnerability, the ability to fly, and a Centurion uniform with a sealed life-support system. He then helps to take down the son of Thanos that wiped out Xandar, and pledges himself to a life of crime-fighting.

Nova in the MCU

Fans have eagerly awaited the arrival of Nova in the MCU and Marvel Studios absolutely knows it. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to catch him in Captain Marvel.

One rogue Disney employee that sat in on the screening of Captain Marvel revealed that actor Hunter Parrish has a role in Captain Marvel and that it’s apparently a major one. The employee took to Twitter under the handle @TheTroubledude and said, “And just to fill you with curiosity: Has a special participation of a character who has some importance and is being played by Hunter Parrish. I think it’s one of the best and most important appearances in the movie.” 

Although most people believe Parrish is playing Mar-Vell, he is not credited anywhere as an actor in the film. This could lead to the suggestion that we’ll see him in one of Captain Marvel’s two post-credit scenes as Nova. Despite being in his early 30s, Parrish has a younger essence that could foreshadow a teenage Nova.

Nova in Avengers: Endgame

The moment when Thanos destroys Xandar was brushed off during Infinity War. However, this could be because it will become an important plot point in Endgame. One of the surviving members from the devastation could have escaped to Earth and found an heir for his powers.

If the film also wanted to change Nova’s origin story, they could have him appear with his powers already intact on Xandar. Remember, Thanos doesn’t destroy entire populations – he only takes out half so that the other half can thrive. Therefore, Nova could still be hiding out on Xandar seeking vengeance on Thanos. He could even be the one that saves Tony Stark and Nebula while they’re running out of air and floating in space.

With the Avengers coming to the end of their contracts, Nova would be a great hero to add to the story. He has even fought Thanos in the comics, fallen in love with Gamora, and met the Guardians. Therefore, his introduction to the MCU could also keep the Guardians and the Avengers storyline together after they defeat Thanos and save the universe.


What do you think of the theory? Could we see Nova rising to power in the coming MCU films?


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