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Questions from the Avengers: End Game Trailer

Your head is probably reeling from the glorious release of the Avengers: End Game trailer, so join me as I reflect, analyze, and question.

Where is Thanos?

During the trailer, we see Thanos’ armor on a stake as a symbolic gesture that he’s done fighting. He has accomplished his mission and is now walking through a peaceful field of flowers. But wait a minute – where is the Mad Titan? Does this scene confirm the theory that he is in the Soul World with Gamora?

Where is Shuri?

We never saw what happened to Shuri at the end of Infinity War and many fans assumed she was safe from the decimation. However, in the trailer that was released today, we see Shuri’s photo flashed on the screen of what looks like missing people. Was she dusted, or is she simply missing under all the rubble in Wakanda?

How Did Ant-Man Get Out?

Last we saw Scott Lang, he was floating around the Quantum Realm with no way of getting out. His entire team was snapped away and there was nothing else in the realm with him… or was there?

When Ant-Man arrives at the Avengers base, he has the van that was with him when he went into the Quantum Realm. This might lead one to think that no one came to get him, and he somehow got out on his own… or with help from someone already in the realm. Also, why is he so happy when he tries to get buzzed in? Does he still not know what happened, or does he have a plan?

When Did Hawkeye Become Ronin?

The rumor has been confirmed: Hawkeye is Ronin. However, the trailer opens up so many more questions. When did he become Ronin, and why is he fighting crime in what looks like Japan? Did people become looters after the snap? Is he fighting Skrulls?

When Hawkeye is revealed, Cap’s voiceover is saying “We lost a part of ourselves”. So maybe this means that he became Ronin after losing something. Could this be his wife?

Why is Tony Stark Running Out of Air?

Assumedly, Stark took one of the ships that was on Titan with him. So, why is he running out of air? Did the Guardians’ ship not have enough oxygen or fuel to fly to Earth? Or did he have to battle something on his way back home?

Why are he and Nebula never shown together throughout the trailer? They both seem to be on the ship and were last seen together, yet are captured in separate scenes. Even if Tony didn’t know how to pilot a ship, Nebula definitely does, so why are they stranded?

Also, Spider-Man’s face flashes on the screen of missing people. Did the Avengers talk to Tony to figure out that he was dusted, or did they simply put up all the photos of everyone that was on Titan? If they did talk to Tony, why haven’t they gone to find him? 

Is There a Villain?

During every Marvel movie, there’s a villain or antagonist that the Avengers have to defeat. However, this time, the villain seems to be living in a parallel universe where he’s done fighting. Will the Avengers go head-to-head with Thanos, or will the movie simply focus on finding a way to reverse the snap?

What is Cap’s Plan?

Obviously, the biggest question of them all is Cap’s plan. How on Earth will he and Black Widow save the day? They don’t seem to have Tony Stark with them, which throws out half of the fan theories circulating around the Internet. Also, does his plan change now that he knows Ant-Man is alive? And was this Doctor Strange’s plan all along? 


What are your questions? Were you blown away by the trailer?  

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