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Avengers Endgame Tickets Teaser Trailer Breakdown

While fans were breaking the internet in search of Avengers: Endgame tickets, Marvel Studios broke our hearts with another Endgame teaser trailer. This one seems to show more action and plot than the previous trailers, so let’s take a look and dive into the trailer breakdown.

Thanos Has a New Weapon

One of the biggest reveals of the trailer is Thanos. This is the first time we’ve seen a full-length shot of him in Endgame and this time he’s sporting a new weapon.

At the end of the trailer, if you look past the three figures walking through rubble, you can catch a glimpse of Thanos wielding a double-bladed sword. This sword has also been seen in Hasbro’s new line of Marvel Legends toys, as well as Build-a-Bear’s Thanos bear. Interestingly, the Build-a-Bear also comes with built-in sayings and one of them is “How are you doing this? You do not have the power to wield the infinity stones”.

Anyways, the question then becomes, why? Why does Thanos need a new weapon when he’s living his best life? The last time we saw him, he’s in his paradise world, so why does he need to build a weapon and what forces him to attack?

Is Captain America’s Suit CGI’d? Is He Even with Iron Man?

One of the highlights of the trailer other than Thanos, of course) is that reunion between Iron Man and Cap. After their fight in Civil War, the two are finally making up and coming back on the same side of the war. However, Captain America might not even be in this scene.

Many fans have been quick to point out that Cap’s armor seems CGI’d. If you take a look at the scene, his head seems to float around his suit as if he’s actually wearing something else.

If you take a look at the background, it seems as though the two are in New York, which has caused fans to believe this is evidence of time travel. Stark’s hair is also a little blonder, which is reminiscent of his hairdo in The Avengers. Marvel Studios probably CGI’d Cap’s suit to create the illusion that he’s wearing his Nomad suit from Infinity War to avoid any spoilers of time travel.

Also, when the shot zooms into their handshake, check out what Cap’s wearing. His suit here looks very different. It’s a burgundy color, which doesn’t match what we saw in the last scene. Instead, it looks like Ant-Man’s armor. So, could we actually be watching a “welcome back” handshake between Tony Stark and Scott Lang?

Iron Man’s New Armor

As Iron Man flies over New York City, we see that he’s sporting a new suit. Not surprising, since we definitely saw his last one being destroyed in Infinity War.

This new suit was likely inspired by his older suits from the comics and sports a lot more gold than he typically wears. According to Hot Toys’ newly released Iron Man Avengers Endgame collectible figure, this suit is called “Mark LXXXV”. It also has interesting looking blasters on its back, that are very reminiscent of Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit from Infinity War.

Interestingly, the shot of Iron Man flying in his new suit is also very different from most other Endgame scenes that we’ve seen. It’s day time and quite bright, which contrasts the trailers general theme of dark, nighttime shots. Could this scene be a part of the past? Is Iron Man reliving the moments of The Avengers when Loki tried to take over New York? It would explain the contrasting scenery and his return to a more classic suit look.

The Fight Comes to Earth

There is a shot of Iron Man standing in dark, burning rubble. Although at first glance, it looks like the destruction on Titan, you can see that Stark is actually wearing his new Mark LXXXV suit. This suggests that the destruction happens after he returns to Earth, and could potentially portray an attack on the Avengers Compound.

This has been proven both in the last Endgame trailer and in Marvel’s toy line. According to New Rockstars, there’s a 3D version of the last trailer that revealed details that no one else was able to see. During the scene where Hawkeye is running away from an explosion, the 3D trailer revealed a body exploding in the background. This body looks very similar to the Outriders seen in Infinity War, which suggests that the creatures are still on Earth.

A toy has also proven that Thanos brings the fight to Earth. This toy features the Mad Titan crushing the Avengers logo below his feet and suggests that he takes down their headquarters. LEGO sets have also shown War Machine and Ant-Man taking on Outriders, Captain America fighting Outriders on his bike, and Rocket, Thor, and Black Widow fighting Chitauri.

This could mean that the rubble that we’re seeing throughout the trailers is actually the Avengers compound. It could also be where Ant-Man was jumping off a pencil in the last trailer. This scene likely occurs very early in Endgame and is what forces the Avengers to take the fight to space. 

Where is Bruce Banner?

As I’ve stated in previous trailer breakdowns, there seems to be a lack of Bruce Banner in the trailers. In this one, he’s only shown one time and it’s the same exact scene from the last trailer, only with Banner saying “If we do this, we go in shorthanded”.

Later in the trailer, we see nice group shots of the team and Banner is always missing. He isn’t there as the Avengers assemble in the compound or when they all board the Benatar. Could this be why Banner says they’re going into “this” shorthanded – because he isn’t able to fight with the rest of the Avengers?

Also, why is Marvel Studios hiding Banner? Is it because he does turn into the Hulk, which Ruffalo has hinted at in various interviews? Or is it because Banner simply isn’t there anymore? We talk about the Big Three paying the ultimate price to bring back the rest of the universe, but could Banner pay the ultimate price too? 

Tony’s Back on Earth and Marvel Studios Isn’t Hiding It

In the first Avengers: Endgame trailer, we had no idea whether or not Tony Stark was going to make it off the Guardians’ ship. However, it looks like Marvel Studios isn’t shy now about showing him back on Earth. In the newest teaser trailer, Tony is back on Earth and reunited with Pepper Potts and Steve Rogers.

Although we have no idea how Stark returns to Earth, this trailer does dismiss one theory. Some fans believed that Pepper Potts would suit up and head to space to save Stark. However, this trailer shows that the two of them reunite on Earth (at what looks like the Avengers Compound). Therefore, it looks like someone else is saving Stark, or he’s about to save himself.

Are the Avengers Looking at the Benatar?

We catch another glimpse of the Avengers outside the compound, staring at something in the distance. Originally, many people thought it was an attack or the arrival of Thanos. However, this scene is very similar to the background found in Stark and Potts’ reunion. Could the Avengers actually be staring at the arrival of the Benatar and the return of Iron Man and Nebula, rather than something evil and foreboding? 

The Avengers Take the Benatar to Sanctuary II to Fight Thanos

In an awesome squad shot, we see the Avengers strapped into the Benatar, heading into space. We then see Thanos’ Sanctuary II hovering over an unknown planet with Q ships docking on to it. Although this might be a misdirection, it seems as though the Avengers are heading into space to take on Thanos head on.

However, take a closer look at exactly who is in the Benatar. You have Captain America, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Thor, War Machine, and Black Widow. Later on, we also get a closeup shot of War Machine with Nebula. Now, notice whose missing – Tony Stark, Ant-Man, Hawkeye and of course, Bruce Banner. This could mean that this scene takes place very early on in the movie, before Ant-Man comes back from the Quantum Realm and before Black Widow finds Hawkeye in Japan. Black Widow’s hair is also a sign that this scene takes on early in the film because she has the blonde bob from Infinity War as opposed to the long, red hair featured in the rest of the Endgame trailers.

So, what is Tony Stark doing instead of avenging his adopted son, Spider-Man? Is he back on Earth working on his new suit? Is Banner helping him? Or are the two of them on an entirely different mission?

Hawkeye’s New Tattoo

Hawkeye has been missing from the past couple of Marvel movies, but now we’re getting a lot of Hawkeye all at once. In this trailer, we see him sporting a new tattoo and everyone’s loving it.

The tattoo features a skeletal samurai that likely depicts a “ronin”. In feudal Japan, a ronin was a samurai who didn’t have a lord or master, ultimately rendering him “dead”. This likely references Hawkeye’s new role as Ronin in the film and his new demeanor.

Underneath the Ronin, Hawkeye also seems to have a snake wrapped around a tree. This could have a biblical undertone, representing the Tree of Knowledge. The tree represents Adam’s choice between submitting to God’s law or pursuing moral free will, which could also depict Hawkeye’s journey. After the snap and opening his eyes to the world, Hawkeye heeded the call of destiny to fight against the evils in the world. 

Thor and Rocket’s Side Mission

In previous trailers, we saw Thor and Rocket in an outdoor sanctuary, much like the hilly island of Thanos’ Infinity War tropical paradise. Now, in this trailer, we see a quick glimpse of the two of them in the same area once again.

In the previous trailer, we saw Rocket opening an old wooden door, and in this trailer, it looks like he’s standing on an old wooden emblem (right after the scenes of the Avengers in the Benatar). Thor also seems to be inside a wooden hut, much like Thanos’ paradise. This event likely occurs later on in the film because if you look at Thor, he’s wearing his new and improved Endgame suit.

Does Thanos Still Have the Space Stone?

For the first time, the trailer shows us a full-scale shot of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. In this scene, he’s surrounded by a blue light much like that of the Space Stone. However, this blue light looks very different than when Thanos uses the Space Stone in Infinity War.

Previously, we saw that the snap damaged both Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Even Joe Russo said, “The power that it takes to use all six stones is significant and clearly damaged the Gauntlet and damaged Thanos permanently”. So, despite the Infinity Gauntlet being destroyed, could the stones still be intact? This would mean that Thanos has the power of each stone individually, but not all of them together.

Interestingly, the Thanos Build-a-Bear doll comes with built-in sayings and one of them says, “How are you doing this? You do not have the will to wield the power of the Infinity Stones.” So, who could he be saying this to? Since he looks like he’s being beamed by another force in the trailer, could Thanos have an ally that is holding the Infinity Stones? Or is the Thanos bear simply talking to another Avenger?

The New Hair Styles

Hair has been key to determining what’s happening in the Endgame trailers and when these events are occurring. For example, if you take a look at Tony Stark’s hair when he’s reuniting with Cap, it’s very blonde – similar to his hair in The Avengers.

Black Widow’s hair has also been a marker for the passing of time. When the team is on the Benatar, potentially heading to Thanos, Black Widow has her blonde bob. This likely means that the Avengers attempt to go into space very early on in the movie and that their advances on Thanos ultimately fail.

Later on, we see Black Widow with her longer, original red hair, proving that these scenes happen later in the movie. When she’s in what looks like a Japanese garden, she has longer hair, which suggests that she doesn’t find Hawkeye until later in Endgame.

The Big Three Take on Thanos

At the end of the trailer, we see a low shot of three figures approaching Thanos. These figures are none other than the MCU’s Big Three: Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. The three of them haven’t fought side by side since Avengers: Age of Ultron and it’s looking like it could be a somber fight for the trio. As they walk towards Thanos, they’re all looking to pay the final price. Will this be the last time we see some of Earth’s mightiest heroes?



Let me know what you think about the recent Avengers: Endgame trailer and check out my other Avengers: Endgame trailer breakdowns.


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