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Avengers Endgame: What Toys Have Already Revealed About the Movie

WARNING: Potential Spoilers Ahead

Marvel Studios is the ultimate gatekeeper of secrets and nothing passes from their iron gates before the release of their movies. This is why Tom Holland wasn’t given the full script to Endgame and why some actors revealed that they weren’t told their lines until they were actually filming Infinity War.

However, Tom Holland isn’t the biggest threat to Marvel’s spoilers. Since marketing is important to the success of any movie, Disney and Marvel Studios need to sell toys related to their film. Lucky for us, these toys come with secrets of their own and they aren’t as tight-lipped as the actors.

So, let’s give these toys life as we explore the secrets that they’ve revealed about Avengers: Endgame.

A Threat Greater Than Thanos

This Marvel Legends toy shows that we’re going to see Thor and Rocket team up once again in Avengers: Endgame. However, if you flip the toy over, you’ll find that they won’t be going up against Thanos.

On the back of the Marvel Legends 2-pack it says, “The Asgardian Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker in his battle against his foes. Rocket Raccoon teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy from an even greater threat”.

So, who could this menacing threat be? Is it Nebula as she steals the Infinity Gauntlet for herself, like in the comics? Or is it someone else entirely?

The Return of Ebony Maw

Last we saw the Squidward look-alike, he was floating through space for all of eternity. However, a new LEGO ad may have just confirmed that Ebony Maw won’t be gone for long.

A new ad for Endgame LEGO toys featured figures of Hawkeye (dressed as Ronin) and Captain America standing alongside Ebony Maw. This ad potentially confirms that the Black Order villain will return from the darkness of space or that the Avengers will turn back the clock and travel through time to fight him one more time.

Thanos Destroys the Avengers Compound

One of the latest TV ads for Endgame features Thanos saying, “After I kill you, I’m going to burn this annoying little planet to cinders”. Well, according to the toys it looks like Thanos is going to be successful in that mission, starting with destroying the Avengers Compound.

A LEGO set (featured on the left of the above image) shows Thanos and an Outrider at the Avengers Compound battling Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel. This scene also matches a Marvel Legends figure (on the right side of the above image), which shows Thanos stomping on what looks like the Avengers logo.

These toys could provide some insight into the fiery scenes that we see in the Endgame trailers. In the trailers, we see Ant-Man hopping around fire and Iron Man surrounded by devastation, which could mimic the scene from this LEGO set.

Thanos could potentially bring the battle to the Avengers’ own turf and according to the LEGO set, it looks like he also won’t be alone – he’ll have the Outriders with him again and apparently a new hammer-like weapon.

Thanos’ New Armor and Weapon

At the end of Marvel’s latest official Endgame trailer, you can catch a glimpse of Thanos behind the Big Three heroes (Cap, Iron Man, and Thor). If you look carefully, you’ll notice that he’s wielding a double-bladed sword that he didn’t have in Infinity War.

This sword has also been seen in Hasbro’s new line of Marvel Legend toys and the Build-A-Bear Thanos bear. It looks much like a giant razor and seems to suggest that Thanos has been preparing for a second battle with the Avengers.

Interestingly, both the Marvel Legends Thanos and the Build-a-Bear Thanos also include a very intact Infinity Gauntlet. At the end of Infinity War, we can tell that the Infinity Gauntlet was damaged and Joe Russo even said, “The power that it takes to use all six stones is significant and clearly damaged the Gauntlet and damaged Thanos permanently.” So, how did the Mad Titan repair his Gauntlet?

The Thanos Build-A-Bear doll also comes with built-in sayings and one of them is, “How are you doing this? You do not have the will to wield the power of the Infinity Stones.”

So, who is the Thanos bear talking to? Is someone going to take the Infinity Stones from the Mad Titan?

Valkyrie Joins the Battle

During the beginning of Infinity War we saw some of our favorite Asgardians perish at the hands of Thanos. However, it isn’t the Mad Titan’s style to kill every member of society – he only decimates half of the population.

Joe Russo has confirmed that half of the Asgardians are still alive. He said, “Prior to the start of that scene, escape ships were deployed for Asgardians, including Valkyrie”

This means that Valkyrie is still hiding out somewhere in the universe and a recent Hasbro toy could prove that she’ll return in Endgame.

The toy is a Hasbro “Titan Hero Series” figure and features Valkyrie in a new white and gold outfit. Her figure released alongside Black Widow, Ronin, Hulk, and Rocket Raccoon which could suggest she’ll return to help the Avengers take on Thanos.

Hulk is Back

Like I’ve said in many of my trailer breakdowns, there is a lack of Hulk in every single trailer. The only time we see Bruce Banner seems to be when he’s at the Avengers Compound and both occurrences are from the exact same scene. Hulk and/or Bruce Banner are never seen in any of the other Avengers team-up shots. So, what is Marvel Studios hiding?

Hasbro, on the other hand, features Hulk in many of its Endgame toys. Despite not being in the trailer scene where the Avengers are walking into the sunset with their Quantum suits, Hasbro released a Hulk figure wearing a Quantum suit. However, he looks a little different than the Hulk we’ve seen in previous movies.

Some fans believe that this could mean Hulk will become Professor Hulk, a merged version of Banner and Hulk. This could explain why Marvel Studios is hiding Hulk in the Endgame trailers and why Banner was unable to turn in Infinity War.

Watch out for Hulk. We can expect to see some amazing transformations from him in Endgame.

The War Machine Buster

With Hulk out of commission, it seems like the Avengers will need Rhodey to suit up and join Bruce Banner in a War Machine Buster.

Much like the Hulkbuster that Stark wears in Age of Ultron and Banner dons in Infinity War, the War Machine Buster will equip Rhodey with some serious firepower. The LEGO set includes a 6-stud shooter, flick missiles, and detachable cannons.

According to the LEGO set’s description, “Kids can play out thrilling battles against the Outiders and save Ant-Man with the LEGO Marvel Avengers War Machine Buster”. So, could we see War Machine saving Ant-Man from a battle with the Outriders?

Hawkeye is Ronin

Okay, so most of us already knew this one – Hawkeye becomes Ronin. This is why we see him in Japan during the Endgame trailers and why he’s sporting a new hairdo and some sleek black threads.

Hasbro released three Ronin figures that all feature him in a black hooded outfit lined with gold accents, much like the suit he wears in the comics. The Marvel Legends toy also comes with two warrior swords and throwing stars, which shows us that he’s upgrading his bow and arrow for some more samurai/ninja-like weapons.

Captain America’s New Suit

Hasbro’s Endgame toys feature one pack that includes both Captain America and Captain Marvel, suggesting that the two captains will team up in the film. However, if you take a closer look at the toys you might spot something different about the two heroes.

Captain America is wearing a very different suit than the rest of the Hasbro toys. That brightly colored blue isn’t featured in anything else Cap wears in the Endgame trailer, but looks very reminiscent of his The Avengers (2012) suit. This coloring could provide more evidence that the Avengers will travel back in time to prevent Thanos from snapping his fingers.

Captain Marvel’s eyes also seem to look very odd. They’re colored yellow, which Hasbro’s director of brand marketing revealed is a representation of her photon power. This suggest that we’ll see her using her photon powers a lot more in Endgame than we did in Captain Marvel.

The Avengers Are Wearing Time Travel Devices

By now we’ve all seen the Avengers in their new Quantum suits. Well, the toys have a little more to say about the suits than the trailers do.

Each of the Marvel Legends toy versions of the Avengers features them wearing a small blue device on the back of their hand whenever they’re wearing the Quantum suits. Many fans believe that this blue device is actually the gadget that the Avengers are going to use to travel through time and undo the devastation of Infinity War.

The Outriders Invade Iron Man’s Hall of Armor

This LEGO set entitled “Iron Man Hall of Armor” foreshadows a fight between Iron Man and some Outriders in his Hall of Armor. The description of the toy says, “Conduct experiments with Tony Stark and capture the Outriders with the LEGO Marel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor” which suggests that Iron Man will be making some new tech to take down the Outriders.

The set comes with two Outriders, Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41, and Iron Man MK 50, which might also predict a fight between the Outriders and many Iron Man suits right in Tony’s own home.

Iron Man Creates a New Infinity Gauntlet

A popular theory about Avengers: Endgame states that the Avengers will obtain all of the Infinity Stones and undo the snap – either by traveling through time and collecting the stones before Thanos does or by taking them from the Mad Titan in the present. Well, a leaked image of a new Hasbro toy may have just proved this theory.

The toy in question is a red and silver infinity gauntlet that looks quite different from Thanos’ original gauntlet. This silver gauntlet could be a replica that Iron Man creates to harness the power of the Infinity Stones… or it could be a decoy used to distract Thanos.


So now that you’ve seen what the toys have to say, what do you think? Let me know your theories and be sure to check out my Avengers: Endgame trailer breakdowns.


*Photos courtesy of Hasbro and Build-A-Bear


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