Hidden Mickeys You Didn’t Notice in Your Favorite Disney Movies

Did you notice these hidden Mickeys in your favorite Disney movies?

Mickey doesn’t only spend his time at Disney World. He also likes to go to the movies. Therefore, you can spot him lurking around in the corners of some of your favorite Disney films. Did you spot him in any of these scenes?

Kringle’s Family Kitchen in Noelle

Noelle Hidden Mickey

Apparently, Disney+ started on the hidden Mickey trend very early on with Noelle. If you take a close look at the Kringle family kitchen, you’ll notice that the floor tiles are decorated with little silhouette Mickeys layered on top of a blue snowflake. There’s no mistaking that this new Christmas movie is definitely one from the house of mouse.

Mickey Mouse Ears in Guardians of the Galaxy

Mickey in Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel movies are littered with Easter eggs, so you might not have spotted these Mickey ears in Guardians of the Galaxy. When the Guardians go to visit the Collector in the film, there are Mickey ears right above the entrance to his “establishment”. You’ll find it right at the 50 minute mark of the movie, when Drax says, “This is no respectable establishment, what do you expect us to do while we wait?”

Lilo Has a Picture of Mickey in Lilo and Stitch

Hidden Mickey in Lilo and Stitch

When Lilo’s showing Stitch her room for the first time, you’ll notice that the photos on her wall have changed. Take a look right next to the pillow on her bed and you’ll see a snapshot of the magical Mickey Mouse.

Mickey is Advertised on a Billboard in Wreck-It-Ralph

Wreck it Ralph Mickey Billboard

In the first Wreck-It-Ralph, you can find a huge shout out to Mickey Mouse right in the beginning of the movie. Check out the billboard that’s standing right behind Litwak’s Arcade and Family Fun Center, and you’ll see it features Mickey in front of a blue background.

Later in the movie, when Ralph is inside the Sugar Rush game with Vanellope, you’ll also find that the game’s racetrack is lined with green peppermint candies that are shaped like Mickey.

Mickey Pajamas in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Mickey Pajamas in The Nightmare Before Christmas

You’ll find that Mickey is still a celebrity in the Christmas World of The Nightmare Before Christmas. After Jack delivers his makeshift gifts, you might have noticed that one of the children being chased by the vampiric duck is wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas.

Mickey Rocks out in A Goofy Movie

Mickey in A Goofy Movie

During the Powerline Concert in A Goofy Movie, you can find Mickey Mouse in the crowd in the lower left portion of the screen, right after the stage manager is thrown into the DiamondVision screen. The mouse also makes an appearance in the auditorium when Max flies around during his Stand Out performance. Once again, you can find him on the lower left-hand side of the screen.

There are some other more obvious Mickeys hidden throughout the film. The mouse appears with Donald during the “On the Open Road” song and you might have also noticed that Max has a Mickey phone on the dresser in his room.

Mickey Makes Several Appearances in The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Hidden Mickeys

The Little Mermaid has gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, so you probably didn’t notice Mickey hiding throughout the scenes. In fact, he actually makes an appearance with Donald and Goofy at King Triton’s address during the beginning of the movie. If you look hard, you’ll also be able to spot Kermit the Frog in attendance as King Triton rides over them on his dolphin chariot.

Later in the movie, Ursula presents Ariel with a contract. Had Ariel actually read the contract before signing, she would’ve seen the Mickey symbol hidden within the gibberish. It lays right in between what looks like the words “re hd” and “mois”.

Now those two aren’t the only Easter eggs in The Little Mermaid. Throughout the entire film, you can find bubbles shaped in the form of Mickey’s cute little head.

Andy’s Mickey Mouse Clock in Toy Story 2

Mickey Mouse Clock in Andy's Room

Check out Andy’s room and you might notice that the clock in his room is actually a giant Mickey Mouse watch. You’ll also find other Mickey watches throughout Disney movies. There’s a similar one on the wall in the beginning of The Rescuers when the Rescue Aid Society assembles at the United Nations. There’s also an actual Mickey watch in Oliver & Company which can be found on Fagin’s wrist.

Mickey-Shaped Spots on Disney Animals

Mickeys on Disney Animals

Apparently, a Mickey-shaped birthmark is very common on animals in the magical world of Disney. Both Pongo from 101 Dalmatians and Shang’s horse in Mulan have Mickey-shaped spots that are pretty visible throughout their films. Pongo’s spots are on his right arm while the horse’s spots are on his neck.

Rapunzel’s Mother Has a Mickey Necklace in Tangled

Tangled Mickey Necklace

In Tangled, Rapunzel’s birth mother likes to keep Mickey Mouse close to her heart. You’ll find that in a royal picture of her and her husband, she’s wearing what looks like a pearl necklace with a Mickey-shaped pendant.

Mickeys Hidden in The Fox and the Hound

Fox and the Hound Hidden Mickeys

One of my favorite Disney movies, The Fox and the Hound, has a lot of Mickeys hidden throughout the film. When Todd and Copper first become friends, they play a game of hide and seek. If you look at the bush that Todd hides behind, you might notice that it holds berries in the shape of Mickey Mouse. After Todd splashes Copper in the water, you might also notice that the ripples in the lake create the form of Mickey.


Have you seen Mickey Mouse hiding in any other Disney movies? Show me where you spotted him in the comments!


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