Everything You Missed in Frozen II

Did you catch all these hidden references and Easter eggs in Frozen II?

Disney released Frozen II on Disney+ three months ahead of schedule. Therefore, you got more time to scour the movie for Easter eggs and references.

If you missed some though, don’t worry. Here’s a list of all the hidden secrets in Frozen II.

Baymax, Dumbo, Snow White, and Bolt Play in the Snow

Baymax Bolt Dumbo Snow White in Frozen 2

In the very first scene of the movie, Anna and Elsa play with a miniature snow set and some of the characters may seem familiar to you. Next to Elsa, you can see Baymax and Bolt standing next to each other and Dumbo flying above them. Next to Anna, you’ll find what looks like Snow White and her Prince Charming.

Olaf Loves His Plaid Blankets in Frozen II

Olaf Blanket Frozen

The blanket Olaf lays on when he’s “enjoying his permafrost” is the same red checkered blanket from his “In Summer” song from the first movie.

Little Mermaid Easter Egg

Frozen Little Mermaid Easter Egg

When Elsa makes it to the Ahtohallan she sees memories of history played out in ice. In one of these ice memories, she sees her mother as a young girl asking her young father, “What are you reading, my majesty?” and he responds by saying “some new Danish author”.

The book in his hand is actually The Little Mermaid. You can tell by the silhouette of Ariel on the cover. And that Danish author? He’s Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen, the book Frozen was based on.

Olaf Becomes Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Olaf Charades Frozen 2

What’s a Disney movie without a hidden mickey? When Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf play charades, Olaf takes a turn and proves to be a master at the game. One of the characters he turns into is none other than Mickey Mouse.

During his turn at charades, Olaf also turns into a castle and a tea pot, which could also be references to the iconic Disney castle and Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast.

The Newt is From an Abandoned Pixar Film

Newt Frozen 2

You obviously saw the newt that Elsa befriends in Frozen II. However, did you know that he was meant for another movie?

In 2008, Pixar announced a film called Newt that was about the world’s last male and female blue-footed newts. One of the characters from the film was a magical salamander named Bruni who had fire powers, much like Elsa’s ice powers.

Ultimately, the plot for Newt was too similar to Fox’s 2011 cartoon Rio, which hit theaters first. Therefore, Pixar ended up canceling Newt but left remnants of the movie in Frozen II by adding the magical little newt into Elsa’s adventure.

Dolls That Look Like the Production Crew

Crew Dolls Frozen 2

This one is a little hard to spot, but during the beginning of the movie, when Kristoff is singing about proposing through Anna, he meets up with his future fiancé in front of a couple of stores. On the wall, by the arch, there’s two wooden figures that were actually designed to look like the film’s production designer, Michael Giaimo and art director, David Womersley.

Kristoff and Bohemian Rhapso-deer

Frozen 2 Bohemian Rhapsody

Kristoff’s song, “Lost in the Woods” pays homage to a lot of 80s songs, but particularly Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The scene pictured above is even eerily similar to the Bohemian Rhapsody’s album cover.

Olaf Embraces His Inner Marilyn Monroe

Olaf Marilyn Monroe

While out on their adventure, the wind spirit Gale starts playing with the gang. When it blows leaves around Olaf, he has a quick Marilyn Monroe moment.

The Horse Toy Foreshadows the Film

Horse Frozen 2 Foreshadow

During the beginning of the film, Anna and Elsa’s parents tell them the story of how their grandfather was lost. While they’re cuddling in bed, you might have noticed a toy horse on the bedside table. This horse is the mythical horse, Nokk and foreshadows the water spirit Elsa will meet later on.

At the end of the story and after learning someone saved their father, Anna says, “Whoever saved you, I love them”. This is another foreshadowing moment since we later find out that it was her mother that saved her father.

Reference to Pinocchio

Red Lobster Store Frozen

At the end of the movie, Anna and Kristoff are back in Arundelle for her coronation. In the background of one of the scenes, there’s a store sign with a red lobster on it. This could be a reference to the “Red Lobster Inn” from Pinocchio. This tavern was where Honest John and Gideon met the Coachman who offered to bring them boys to take to Pleasure Island.

Anna’s Dresses Foreshadow Her Fate

Anna and Kristoff Matching Outfits

Throughout the movie, Elsa wears dresses that represent her magical powers. However, Anna’s dresses foreshadow her future role as Queen of Arundelle. She wears distinctive Arundelle clothes, featuring kingdom’s iconic symbols.

In the beginning of the movie, Anna also wears a magenta cloak, which is similar to the one she wore when she went after her sister in the first film. This cloak shows her connection to Elsa, but we later see her ditch the cloak for an outfit that matches someone else in the film – Kristoff.

Later in the movie, Anna wears a dark brown outfit that is very similar to Kristoff, representing her new journey. She’s becoming less attached to her sister and starts moving towards a life with Kristoff.

Marshmallow Has His Crown From the First Movie

Crown Post Credit Scene Frozen 2

During the post-credit scene for Frozen II, we see Olaf telling Marshmallow and the Snowgies a captivating story. If you take a look at Marshmallow’s head, you’ll notice he’s wearing a crown. This crown is the same crown he picked up during the post-credit scene of the first Frozen movie.


Did you find any other Easter eggs, hidden reference, or secrets in Frozen II? Let me know in the comments!

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