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Word on the Street for January 13th, 2019

Here’s the daily word on the street, where I arm you with all the ammunition and news you need to impress your coworkers every morning while you wait for that much-needed cuppa joe.

In this edition:

  • Eddie Murphy is Coming to America Again
  • Cheat Death Again as Saw Writers Bring Back Final Destination
  • Black Widow Movie May Be the MCU’s First R-Rated Film
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Date Released
  • Netflix Being Sued for Bandersnatch
  • The Symbolism of the Colors in Glass

Eddie Murphy is Coming to America Again 

Fans have been waiting a long time for the sequel to the classic movie, Coming to America and now the time has come. Paramount is moving forward with Coming to America 2 and Eddie Murphy is reprising his role as Prince Akeem.

The sequel is expected to feature Prince Akeem as he returns to America after hearing about a long lost son and potential heir to the throne of Zamunda. Paramount also intends to bring back most of the original cast including Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, and John Amos. Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is also rewriting the script which was originally written by Coming to America writers Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, and Empire’s Craig Brewer will direct the sequel.

Cheat Death Again as Saw Writers Bring Back Final Destination 

A character has a premonition about a tragic event and then said character saves lives only to have Death chase them in a series of unfortunate and gory events. You may have seen the plot before, and you might have just seen it in one of your own premonitions. However, it looks like the popular Final Destination series is getting a reboot.

New Line Cinema is taking another ride with Death as they restart the Final Destination series. However, this ride may be a little scarier as they’ve recruited the evil minds and writers of Saw, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

Although the plot details have yet to be revealed, we can expect the story to follow the same theme as the rest of the Final Destination films.

 Black Widow Movie May Be the MCU’s First R-Rated Film

Disney, known for its happy family-friendly themes, has constantly rejected the idea of an R-rated superhero movie. However, the times may be changing and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow solo movie could break the mold.

According to Charles Murphy of That Hashtag Show, he first heard about the Black Widow movie back in December 2017 and learned that Marvel was considering making it their first R-rated film.

A Black Widow story would focus on Natasha Romanoff’s path to become a recruited assassin. Her origin story features a lot of violence, death, and sex, which would make her the perfect candidate for an R-rated movie.

Although it’s probably unlikely that Disney would go this route, it is an interesting step for the company. Since they’ve acquired Fox, the company wants to continue the Deadpool storyline, which will likely only succeed under an R-rating.

Black Widow is expected to hit theaters in May 2020.

Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer Release Date Revealed

It looks like the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is finally swinging its way to a TV or computer near you. According to SuperBroMovies, the trailer will be available for public viewing on January 15th.

So far, the trailer has only been seen by attendees at Brazil Comic-Con in December 2017. That trailer was originally meant to be released to the rest of the world during the same week, but alas the world never got it.

For those of you that can’t wait until January 15th, check out Sinfully Cinematic’s summary of the Brazil Comic-Con trailer here.

Netflix Being Sued for Bandersnatch

According to Chooseco, the publisher of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” franchise, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch snatched their intellectual property. Chooseco filed a lawsuit against Netflix claiming that the streaming service infringed on their trademark and caused reputational harm in the amount of $25 million. The company has also stated that they have received numerous complaints from people that associated Chooseco with Bandersnatch and felt that the content offended them.

Chooseco generates “Choose Your Own Adventure” series that are aimed at children. Each reader can select the path of the characters in the story to create different plots, storylines, and endings. According to the lawsuit, Netflix was in talks with Chooseco regarding the use of their trademark but never received permission from the company to use the idea in Bandersnatch. 

The Symbolism of the Colors in Glass

Glass is set to hit theaters on January 18th, bringing together M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and Split storylines. As the film revs up for its grand opening, you may have noticed its tri-colored marketing material. Elijah Prince (Mr. Glass) is always seen highlighted in purple, Kevin Wendell Crumb (The Beast) in a mustard color, and David Dunn in green. Well, M. Night Shyamalan took to Twitter and revealed why he chose those colors.

“I chose green for David Dunn because psychologically it is associated with life giving properties. David is the protector of life. I chose ochre or mustard for The Beast because this color is associated with religious ceremonies. Hindu and Buddhist. A monk’s robe. I see The Beast as an Evangelist. A preacher who wants to help save The Broken. Finally, I chose purpose for Mr. Glass because this color has been associated with royalty. Majestic qualities. Elijah sees himself as important. A main character of comics. As the characters believe in the comic book world, the primary colors in the film become more dominate. As they stop believing they fade to a monochromatic world. The pink room where they do therapy is pink, red fading to white, bec this is where they stop believing.”



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