Word on the Street for December 21st, 2018

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In this edition:

  • The Hellboy Trailer Breakdown
  • First Official Men in Black International Trailer
  • Chucky Gets in a Festive Mood with New Holiday Movie Poster
  • Celebrate Christmas with Chris Pines’ ‘A Very Spidey Christmas’

The Hellboy Trailer Breakdown

Yesterday, the first official trailer for Hellboy dropped and showed fans a glimpse into the highly anticipated reboot. The film features a half-demon that works with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) to save the world against evil paranormal villains. Based on the Dark Horse Comic series, the movie will most likely have many Easter eggs and nods to the comics, and the trailer was no different. Here’s a breakdown of the things you’ll find in the new trailer.

  • The film opens up with chatter about a “forever war” and Hellboy wading in water to get a sword. This one needs no explanation – it is Excalibur. In the comics, Hellboy used Excalibur to face the Blood Queen, which he will most likely also do in this film. Nimue, the Blood Queen was also once called the Lady of the Lake and will be played by Milla Jovovich in the film.
  • When Hellboy says his father gave him guns instead of Legos, he is referring to Ian McShane’s character, Professor Broom. Broom is a member of the BPRD and is the person that discovered Hellboy as a child and became his father figure.
  • The title of the BPRD’s secret base is known as Codswallop. Now, if you’re British, you’ll already know that this means nonsense. The shop alludes to how people feel about the proceedings of the BPRD and also acts as a great cover.
  • The gun that we see in the film is Hellboy’s iconic weapon, The Big Baby. It is a large gun that is designed specifically for Hellboy’s giant right hand. In the film, we see that it is a six-shooter and fires explosive rockets.
  • We see Hellboy riding on horseback with a couple of speared individuals. These people are part of a secret society called the Osiris Club and they are most likely taking part in the Wild Hunt, an event in the comics where Hellboy took down giants (which you can see later in the trailer). The men featured in the trailer asking Hellboy if his hand does anything special are also probably part of the Osiris Club.
  • We see Hellboy fighting a boar-like monster in the trailer, and catch the monster once again standing with the Blood Queen. This piggy creature is Gruagach of Lough Leane, and is a big adversary of Hellboy. Gruagach used to be a shapeshifter but is currently stuck in his current body. He blames Hellboy for this and therefore is seeking revenge against the demon man.
  • The girl in the trailer that Hellboy chats with is Alice Monaghan. When she was a baby, she Hellboy saved her from being abducted by fairies. She has special powers that will likely help Hellboy as he takes down the Blood Queen.
  • We see a house on top of feathers in the film, which is known as the home of the witch, Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga lives in a chicken leg house and counted dead men’s fingers. Hellboy first encounters the witch when he investigated a series of missing children’s cases. She has contended with Hellboy many times, but the most significant instance is probably in The Storm and The Fury. Here, she helps Hellboy during his pursuit of the Blood Queen. The deal is that if Hellboy gives her his eye, since he originally took hers, she will take him past the Blood Queen’s army.
  • The man that calls Hellboy a monster in the trailer is Major Ben Daimio, former USMC. The military declared him legally dead after an encounter with a supernatural being. However, this being gave Daimio the powers of regeneration and he, therefore, joins the BPRD.
  • The scene with Hellboy wearing the crown of flames is also the crowning jewel of the trailer. This crown is known as the Crown of the Apocalypse and gives anyone that wears it the powers to bring on the end of the world. 

First Official Men in Black International Trailer

Ahead of the holiday weekend, Sony has dropped the first official Men in Black International trailer. In the trailer, we see nostalgia mix with a whole new world as Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth, and Agent M, played by Tessa Thompson take over the MIB reigns. The trailer doesn’t show much about the film, but does give us an insight into some of Europe’s alien baddies and a hilarious reference to Thor: Ragnarok. So, check out some of these details in this trailer breakdown.

  • The trailer opens up with Agent H working with Liam Neeson’s character on a mission. It seems as though the two were partners, but apparently, Neeson will become promoted to the director or retire, leading to Agent M’s introduction.
  • When the trailer shows the two paintings, take a look at them closely and you’ll see a shoutout to Agent K and J from the original film. The photo on the right has the two agents fighting Edgar the bug from the first film, while the one of the left features Hemsworth and Neeson. This suggests that the two new agents are on the same level as K and J, but over in Europe. Maybe we’ll even see a cameo from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
  • We’re then introduced to Agent M who says it took her 20 years to find the MIB headquarters. This may suggest that Agent M somehow experienced or is connected to the events of the first film.
  • Based on previous leaks about the film, we’ve learned that the movie will feature a nefarious organization known as the Hive and that Agent H and M are looking for an alien known as “The White Dwarf”. The cute, little green alien shown in the trailer could be the White Dwarf. However, the trailer does reveal that his name is Pawny and he is voiced by Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani. We also see a giant furry alien attacking Agent H and a woman with many arms attacking Agent M, who could be high-level baddies in the Hive organization. The two twins walking menacingly towards the agents in the trailer could also be their henchmen.
  • At the end of the trailer, we get a hilarious shout-out to Chris Hemsworth’s character, Thor as he throws a hammer to his nemesis. The giant, furry alien catches his hammer and Hemsworth says, “that was an incredible catch”. This no doubt references the scene in Thor: Ragnarok when Thor’s revenge-seeking sister catches and crushes his hammer, Mjolnir.

Chucky Gets in the Festive Mood with New Holiday Movie Poster

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and even Chucky is getting in the holiday spirit. MGM and Orion have dropped a holiday motion poster promoting the new Child’s Play movie. The poster features a beautifully decorated tree and some deformed gifts, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see Chucky’s shadow lurking in the background.

MGM and Orion have also released all kinds of holiday goodies throughout the winter season. We’ve seen the launch of Chucky holiday e-cards, wallpapers, and everything you need to make your season sinister.

Chucky returns to the big screen on June 21, 2019, and Child’s Play creator Don Mancini is even working on a Chucky TV show.

Celebrate Christmas with Chris Pine’s ‘A Very Spidey Christmas’

If you saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, you heard a very catchy Christmas jingle playing throughout the movie, and if you didn’t see the movie, you should head to the theaters this weekend.

Sony and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse released the ‘A Very Spidey Christmas’ song by Chris Pines yesterday. It’s a great jumpstart to the holiday weekend and a very jolly song to share with the family while you’re waiting for Santa Claus.


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