The Lego Movie 2 Review: Is Everything Awesome Again?

Everything was awesome in the first Lego Movie, but things are about to get a whole lot more complicated and a lot more unawesome as Bricksburg is invaded by Finn’s sister and her Duplo bricks in Lego Movie 2.

If you thought Bricksburg was just for children, think again. The movie has all the makings of a great adult film, filled with hilarious references your children won’t get, a crazy mind-blowing ending, and a plot that takes you through every emotion imaginable. Underneath the glitter and the bricks, Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is a great film for people of all ages and proves that everything really can be awesome a second time.

The Story

When we last left the awesome world of Bricksburg, Finn had just found out that his sister would be joining him in the basement, and the colorful LEGO town had been invaded by the bejeweled, yet destructive, Diplo blocks. Well, Lego Movie 2: The Second Part picks up right where the first one left off and we watch as Bricksburg turns into Apocalypseburg. With some Mad Max-esque destruction and devastation, the native Lego characters must fight against the foreign invaders and protect the world from the Systar System and their wedding of doom.

The first Lego film was a movie within a movie as the events of Bricksburg reflected the real-world battle between Finn and his father, “The Man Upstairs”. Lego Movie 2 follows the same format. As the citizens of Apocalypesburg prepare for their unification with the Systar System, their journey lines up with Finn’s rough adventure with his sister and the sibling’s own path towards getting along.

Emmet’s character arc matches Finn’s arc and provides deep self-reflection that moves the story along and gives the more adult viewers some emotional substance behind the hilarious jokes and jabs at the DC Universe. The film also teaches every child a relatable moral lesson while still providing adults with nostalgic reflection and a moving adventure. 

Despite being framed as a children’s movie, Lego Movie 2 has all the makings of a great film. Every character in the film has a complete character arc, the comedy is spot on, and there’s even an explosive ending that you definitely won’t see coming. The story makes complete sense in a film that seems to be about absolutely nothing.

However, it can be said that the story and plot came second to the film’s comedy. It was very clear throughout the movie that the crew focused on the comedic value of the movie and sometimes this came at a cost to the film’s plot. This was particularly true during the ending. Although there was a “you didn’t see it coming” element of surprise, the ending seemed extremely rushed and the major conflict of the film was very easily resolved. This is what ultimately holds it back from completely leaving the realm of children films and entering the adult world of film.

The Characters and Actors

The actors brought the characters to life and completely made you forget that you were watching a movie made out of Legos. Each character in the film has their own character arc that allows us to engage with them and feel as though we’re stepping right into their shoes. We watch as Wyldstyle and Emmet both come to terms with their personal identity and their relationship at the same exact time that Finn come to terms with his relationship with his sister. Then at the end of the film, all the characters come to the same realization and moral epiphany at the same time.

Chris Pratt provided a crucial performance that allowed the story to be engaging yet mysterious at the same time. He provided just enough humor and the right touch of illusion to help keep the plot a secret without anyone realizing there was something to uncover.

The Humor

Lego Movie 2 definitely stepped up its game when it came to the hilarious jabs and humorous comedy. Watching the movie was actually just like stepping into one giant meme. The characters touched on things everyone was thinking and made fun of subjects that society has challenged for years (like the Green Lantern’s portrayal in the DCEU, Twilight’s heinous sparkling vampires, and Adam West’s Batman).

The film also explored comedy throughout the ages. From Die Hard and Mad Max to Batman and Twilight, there was always something for someone to laugh at, regardless of age. This allowed the movie to be more inclusive and helped bring adults together with their children, much like the story of the first Lego movie.

It was very clear that the producers took a lot of time to ensure the movie was comedic for the entire family. However, it did come at the expense of the plot. Just like most children movies, the film didn’t always make sense and instead used humor to cover up its gaps and shortcomings.

The Cinematography

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part seamlessly integrated both Legos and Duplo blocks into the human world. Just like in the first film, the cinematography is truly “awesome” and helps you dive right into the characters’ world. While you’re watching the film, just stop and think about how much effort and coordination came into making the world of Legos a reality. The cinematography really is magnificent and allows you to bring out your inner child.


All in all, I would rate The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part a 7/10. The movie is a great comedic film for the whole family to enjoy. You won’t have to worry about your child dragging you to the movies because it will probably end up being the other way around. If you simply want a good laugh, then this is the film for you.


Let me know what you think about the film, and stay tuned for “Everything You Missed in The Lego Movie 2”.



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