Best ‘Avengers: End Game’ Trailer Memes

Although we cried with the Avengers during the trailer, the world also laughed with our greatest heroes through these hilarious memes.

Snip Snap, there goes Cap’s beard

Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Shuri  – each of these heroes’ pictures flashed across Bruce Banner’s list of missing people. However, the biggest tragedy of the trailer was the loss of Captain America’s glorious beard. Apparently, Thanos’ snap was so strong that it also whisked away the Cap’s beard, and fans are furious.

Thor: The God of Rap

We catch a glimpse of Thor during the trailer and he looks like he’s “beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God”. Wherever he is, in this odd, music-studio-looking-room, fans are starting to think that he traded in his position of God of Thunder for Eminem’s title of God of Rap.

The Real Savior Has Arrived

Ever since Nick Fury’s mysterious message to Captain Marvel, the world has been waiting for her to come and save the universe. However, from the Avengers: End Game trailer it looks like the hero we’ve been waiting for is a little smaller than we imagined. At the end of the trailer, Ant-Man happily walks to Avengers HQ to offer a goofy grin and hopefully a rock-solid plan.

Tag, You’re It

Hawkeye’s mysterious absence from Infinity War has yet to be explained. However, maybe Jeremy Renner just got caught up in his other role. He was simply playing Tag, and the Yakuza member on the floor is now “it”.

Help me Potts, You’re My Only Hope

The beginning of the Avengers: End Game trailer opens with Tony’s heartfelt goodbye to Pepper Potts. It’s extremely sad, but also very reminiscent of another movie. Just like Obi-Wan, Potts might be Stark’s only hope.

Holland Isn’t in the Soul World

It looks like for once, Tom Holland hasn’t spoiled any Avengers: End Game secrets. Now, this might be because he wasn’t actually told any secrets… or maybe it’s because Marvel Studios got smart and tied him up. Is this why the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer was delayed?

Thor Should’ve Gone for the Head

Poor Thor. He lost his loving mom, the worst dad in the universe, all of Asgard, and his mischevious step-brother. Now, he probably blames himself for not hitting Thanos in the head, and for ultimately destroying half of the universe. This could take a toll on anyone  – even the God of Thunder.

Loki’s Really Gone?

The world refuses to admit that Loki is gone. After Infinity War, fans created a theory that suggests Loki is parading around as Hulk, and now after the End Game trailer, fans believe he could actually be Ant-Man in disguise. However, let’s face it. Our favorite villain is nowhere to be found.

Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

Ant-Man has come pretty far for a criminal. He started his solo film working at Baskin Robbins, and now, it’s looking like he’s about to become the Avengers’ knight in shining armor. He started from the bottom, and now we’re here.

Oh, Now You Need Me?

Maybe the reason why Hawkeye disappeared is that he was tired of being called the worst Avenger. However, now, it looks like the crew is going to beg him to come back to the team. Interestingly, this scene is also very similar to the way Hawkeye originally brought Black Widow to the team.

How We All Feel

Thor went from a hilarious journey in his solo movie, Thor: Ragnarok to losing absolutely everything he loves in Avengers: Infinity War. However, he’s not alone. All of us fans feel the exact same way. We were so excited to see the Avengers: End Game trailer to figure out how our favorite heroes are going to save the day, but when the trailer came out, we crawled back into our black hole of depression.

Ant-Man Pulled up to a House About 7 or 8

Although most of the trailer made us cry, the one shining light was Ant-Man. He pulled up to a house about seven or eight and yelled to the cabbie, ‘yo homes, smell ya later”. He looked at his kingdom, he was finally there, to sit on his throne as the savior of the universe.

All We Feel is Pain

This meme sums up the Russo Brothers’ pitch meeting for the Avengers: End Game Trailer. Based on what we saw and felt while watching the trailer, we feel as though they simply sat at a table and wrote a list of the most painful topics to introduce to Avengers fans.

Tony Just Needs an Uber

From the trailer, it looks as though Tony has given up all hope. He’s running out of oxygen and food… if only Thor hadn’t eaten it all during Infinity War. However, maybe someone will come to save him  –  someone like Captain Marvel, or Uber Eats.

Is This a DC Movie?!

The End Game trailer showed pain, destruction, devastation, and depression. But wait a minute  –  this isn’t a DC film! What happened to the happy, hilarious Marvel movies where good always beats evil?

Tribute to Stan Lee

A couple of weeks ago, the world lost one of its greatest minds. It was only fitting that fans added Stan Lee’s cameo in the trailer as a tribute to the legend. In this photo, he’s added to Bruce Banner’s digital list of missing heroes.


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