Avengers: Endgame Trailer 2 Breakdown

Immediately after the release of Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios dropped an all-new Endgame trailer. But just how much does this trailer tell us about the film?

Joe Russo has compared the limited marketing for Avengers: Endgame to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He said the Star Wars film “profoundly moved me because I didn’t know a damn thing about the story as I was going to watch. We’re trying to replicate that experience.”

So, this statement, along with the fact that Kevin Feige said the Endgame trailers will only show the first 15 minutes of the movie, might mean that the trailer shows absolutely nothing. However, we’re going to try to decipher the clues anyway.

Get ready to snap back to reality with Sinfully Cinematic’s Avengers: Endgame Trailer 2 Breakdown.

We’ll See What Hawkeye Was Doing Under House Arrest

The trailer was extremely depressing, and therefore you might have missed one tiny detail through all of your tears – Hawkeye’s ankle monitor.

In the scene where Hawkeye is teaching his daughter, Lila how to shoot an arrow, take a look at his ankle. He’s sporting the ankle monitor that we’ve constantly heard about in both Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

This means that this scene likely occurred pre-snap and Hawkeye spent his days on house arrest teaching his daughter how to protect herself. Some fans also say that it looks like he’s teaching her how to “aim for the head,” much like what Thor should’ve done in Infinity War.

Although this shot is a memory like the scrawny Steve Rogers moment and the conversation between Thor and his dad, it’s interestingly not depicted in black and white (with hints of red). This might be because it’s not a memory we’ve seen yet, or it could allude to something completely different. However, despite the scene’s colors, it does seem to point to Hawkeye losing his daughter in the snap.

In the background of this scene, we also see Hawkeye’s wife and two sons set up for a picnic. This might be the exact moment of the snap and we’ll probably see Hawkeye losing his entire family and becoming Ronin.

Is Pepper Potts Going to Save Tony Stark?

We’ve seen leaked images of Gwyneth Paltrow in what looks like Iron Man armor, and now this trailer is showing us an old shot of her putting on the Iron Man helmet. Could this mean that she’s going to suit up and come to Stark’s rescue?

During the first Endgame trailer, Stark says in his recording to Pepper, “Just for the record, being adrift in space with zero promise of rescue is more fun than it sounds”. Now the word “rescue” is extremely interesting because Rescue is the name given to Pepper Potts when she gets her own Iron Man armor in the comics.

So, could she put on the suit to save the man she loves?

Flashbacks Throughout the MCU

At the beginning of the trailer, we get to see some scenes that we’ve already seen before. The moment where skinny Steve Rogers steps up to picture himself in uniform is from Captain America: The First Avengers, the opening shot of Iron Man’s Mach 1 suit is from Iron Man, and the conversation between Thor and his dad is from Thor. The voice over during these scenes is even Peggy Carter’s voice from Captain America.

So, what do these flashbacks mean? Is Marvel simply allowing us to reminisce about the end of an era, or does this hint at time travel being an important part of the film?

These flashbacks also don’t seem to be the only ones in the trailer. When we see Thor holding Stormbreaker for a brief moment, it looks very much like when he arrived on Wakanda in Infinity War. However, this time, he looks at the Stormbreaker as if he knows it’s not going to defeat Thanos. This could be what Peggy was talking about – starting over and creating a second chance.

We also see Nebula charging at someone in the trailer, and in the background, it looks like the same scene in Infinity War when she arrives on Titan. Could these suggest that the Avengers will get a “do-over” of Infinity War? Maybe this time, Thor will go for the head and Nebula won’t tell Quill that Thanos killed Gamora.

Iron Man, Cap, and Thor

This trailer, as well as the new poster Marvel released, seem to focus on Iron Man, Cap, and Thor. During the beginning of the trailer, we see reused footage that highlights each of these three characters’ journey and their first moments of becoming an Avenger. There’s Iron Man with the Mach 1 suit, Captain America before he was Captain America, and Thor chatting with his long-lost father.

Then, in the movie poster, Iron Man, Cap, and Thor are portrayed as bigger than the other characters. Despite their random placing, they clearly draw attention from the viewers to make them seem very important.

So, what could this mean? Are they highlighted because they’re the oldest Avengers or is it because this movie is the last time we’ll see the three of them?

Nebula and Tony Are on the Benatar

In this trailer, we get a better shot of the ship that Tony Stark and Nebula seem to be stranded on, and it’s no other than the Benatar. The Benatar is an M-class ship used by the Guardians of the Galaxy. It became their main mode of transportation after the destruction of the Milano and is the ship that they took to Titan to battle Thanos and try to save Gamora.

Since Tony Stark and Nebula were the only ones on Titan that survived the snap, they likely took the Benatar and left the planet. It’s still unknown as to why the ship doesn’t have food, water, oxygen, or fuel, but this trailer does show that Stark and Nebula do make their way back to Earth and rejoin the rest of the Avengers.

Black Widow and Hawkeye are Also on the Benatar

During the trailer, we see a shot of a Quinjet flying across Tokyo and then the shot changes to a touching moment between Black Widow and Hawkeye. Although the previous scene led many fans to believe that Black Widow and Hawkeye are on the Quinjet, the background actually looks more like the Benatar.

The steel ladder/bookcase-like ornament in the background of this scene can also be seen on the Benatar in Infinity War, when Gamora is talking to Star Lord about the location of the Soul Stone. This could mean that Tony Stark and Nebula bring the Benatar to Earth and that it’ll serve as their vessel to get to Thanos.

Peggy Carter’s Influence

During the beginning of the trailer, we hear Peggy Carter’s voice and a quote from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She says, “The world has changed. None of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over.” This quote seems to point towards time travel, and the possibility of the Avengers reversing time to stop Thanos and save their friends.

We also see Captain America’s last glimpses of Peggy Carter. The trailer shows us a flashback to her funeral where Steve Rogers was a pallbearer.

The Changing Hairstyles

Black Widow is the ultimate master of disguises. However, her hair gives away a lot about the movie. In this trailer, she has longer hair than she did in Infinity War and her natural red hair is peaking through amongst the blonde. This suggests that a lot of time has passed between Infinity War and the events of Endgame.

Later in the trailer though, we do see her return to her blonde hair. This is when Thor calls his Stormbreaker in front of Carol Dancers and tells the group that he “likes this one”. In the background, you can catch a glimpse of Black Widow with her short, blonde Infinity War hairstyle. This likely means that this scene takes place at the very beginning of Endgame.

Interestingly, Cap also has some different beard styles going on as well. In Infinity War, Cap has a long, magnificent beard. However, in the Endgame trailers, it seems as though Thanos has snapped it away. Cap’s lack of beard is pretty consistent throughout these trailers, except it comes back in the end credits of Captain Marvel. This suggests that Captain Marvel comes to the Avengers very soon after the events of Infinity War. It also suggests that the beginning of Endgame will happen right after Infinity War but there will be some amount of time that passes before the Avengers get off their feet and take on Thanos again.

Bruce Banner is Missing

Something very interesting about this trailer is that Bruce Banner, or the Hulk is only shown in one very quick scene. During this scene, he simply looks to his right and highlights a weapon in the background. Most people think this weapon is either Corvus Glaive’s glaive, Loki’s scepter, or Hawkeye’s new bow.

In fact, the only time we’ve seen Banner in the previous trailer and Super Bowl teaser was during scenes that will clearly be shown at the beginning of Endgame (You can tell because Black Widow still has her short, blonde hair).

So, what could this mean? Is Banner gone for the rest of the film? Is he on another scientific mission to bring Vision back to life? Or maybe he’s simply missing from the trailers because his appearance would be a spoiler.

Some theories suggest that Hulk will become World Breaker in Endgame, allowing him to destroy planets and take on Thanos. Other longstanding theories also suggest that the Hulk is actually Loki in disguise and therefore, actually died in Infinity War. Both of these theories would explain why we don’t really see Hulk in this Endgame trailer.

What Happened to Tony’s Suit?

During the last scene where the Avengers are all heading out into the sunrise with their sleek, white suits, they all look very uniform. All of them except Rhodey. Everyone in the scene seems to be wearing their suits on top of their normal clothes. However, Rhodey’s suit seems to be worn on top of his War Machine suit.

You could make the argument that Rhodey needs the suit to unlock his powers, but doesn’t Tony Stark need his as well? In this scene, Stark seems to have returned from space, but it doesn’t look like his suit came with him. Therefore, he has a form-fitting white suit just like everyone else in the lineup.

The Hints of Red

The black and white cinematography with accents of red has been a common theme throughout the Endgame trailers. Interestingly, this trailer shows the past connected with the color red and one particular shot that completely changes an Infinity War scene.

During most of the black and white footage, the producers highlighted items in the scene that were already colored red. However, in the scene where we see Captain America touching the ground where Bucky once was, his gloves are actually changed to the color red. Cap’s gloves in Infinity War were brown, which suggests this scene was purposefully changed for this trailer.

One theory suggests that the color indicates a connection to the Reality Stone. The Reality Stone has a red hue and therefore, it could mean that none of the missing Avengers are actually dead and were simply transported to a different reality. It could also mean that the Reality Stone will play a big role in Endgame as the Avengers figure out a way to reverse the events of Infinity War.

In the Super Bowl teaser, the red color highlighted the missing Avengers in the trailer’s opening sequence. However, it also highlighted the number 10 from the Marvel Studios logo shown at the end of the sequence. This logo was only used to represent the 10-year Marvel Studios anniversary, which was celebrated in 2018. Therefore, it’s very odd for the studio to use it for the 2019 Endgame trailer.

Since the number 10 was highlighted in red, much like the missing Avengers in the teaser, it could also suggest a connection between them. Could the Avengers travel 10 years in the past to save the fate of the universe? Could Endgame run through the course of 10 years? Or is this simply a misdirection by the Russo Brothers?

Differences Between the Endgame Trailers

The scene with the Avengers walking past the sunrise has been teased in every single trailer and teaser released thus far. In the very first Endgame trailer, we get a quick shot of the sunrise without any Avengers walking past the giant windows. Then, in the Super Bowl trailer, we see the same scene with silhouettes of the Avengers walking in a line formation, and now we have a zoomed-in version of the scene, with many Avengers wearing white and red suits.

There are some interesting differences between this trailer and the previous ones. For one, Rocket Raccoon seems to have disappeared. We see him in the lineup/hero march in the Super Bowl teaser, but he’s not seen suited up in this second full-length trailer. Rhodey is also wearing his typical War Machine suit in the first trailer instead of the modified red and white version in this trailer, and Cap has his shield in the first trailer, but doesn’t seem to have it here.

Interestingly, Bruce Banner, Thor, and Captain Marvel are also nowhere to be found. All of this likely suggests that these characters have been photoshopped in and out, and that this entire scene is likely one big misdirection.

The Red and White Quantum Suits

The red and white suits that the Avengers are wearing at the end of the trailer look very similar to the suits Hank Pym created to traverse the Quantum Realm. Based on rumors and fan theories, this could suggest that the Avengers will use the suits and head to the realm in order to travel through time. Some fans believe that the Avengers will travel back in time to take the stones before Thanos does, while others think they’ll simply make copies of them.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Quantum suits in Endgame marketing material. Images of a Funko pop featuring Iron Man from Endgame show him wearing the same suit. However, this toy Iron Man also has a watch on his wrist.

In leaked Endgame set photos, we’ve also seen watch-like devices on Captain America and Scott Lang’s wrists. These were not a part of Hank Pym’s original Quantum suits and therefore could be a device added for the purposes of this film. Could the watches help the Avengers tell the time and/or date as they traveled to the past? Or could this watch actually contain their suits and allow the heroes to shrink their suits – much like Hank Pym’s other technology?

Also, who engineered these suits and devices? Hank Pym and his crew were clearly dusted in the end-credits of Ant-Man and the Wasp, so who else had the knowledge to recreate his work? Some fans suggest that Scott Lang took Pym’s blueprints and research from his lab and brought them to the Avengers headquarters so that Bruce Banner and Tony Stark could work on recreating his work.

What if the Suits Aren’t Quantum Suits?

The popular theory is that the red and white suits shown at the end of the trailer are Quantum suits. However, Marvel has steered us wrong before. So, what else could they be?

These suits could simply be space suits that allow the team to head into space to take on Thanos. If you notice the lineup in this trailer, Rocket, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Hulk are all missing from the hero march. Each of these characters has traveled to space before and do not need suits to help them survive. Therefore, it could make sense that the white and red suits are simply astronaut suits that give the rest of the Avengers the ability to breathe and traverse through space.

Thor Still Has His Storm Breaker and Is Likely On His Own Mission

At the end of the trailer, we see Thor summoning his weapon and Carol Danvers failing to flinch as it swooshes past her face. Although this is a very typical move for Thor to do with Mjolnir, the weapon that arrives isn’t his trusty hammer. Instead, it’s the Stormbreaker – the useless “Thanos killer” he spent all of Infinity War searching for.

This scene likely takes place right after the events of Infinity War and at the very beginning of Endgame because Black Widow can be seen in the shot with her short, blonde bob. Later in the trailer, we see that her hair grows into an odd reddish blonde color.

This is also the only time we really see Thor or Captain Marvel in the trailer, which could suggest that the two break off very early on in the movie for their own missions. As the king of Asgard, Thor would likely want to find the missing Asgardians and bring them to their new home. Carol Danvers on the other hand, could be heading to space to save Iron Man and Nebula, or searching Earth to figure out what happened to her friends from Captain Marvel.

In the Super Bowl trailer, we see Thor and Rocket on a hilly island, that could be Titan 2 – where Thanos is hiding out. Since Rocket also seems to be missing from the “space suit march,” it could suggest that Captain Marvel will also join the two of them on Titan 2 to find Thanos.

Wong and Happy Will Be in the Film

Okay, so this wasn’t shown in the trailer, but instead revealed in the new Endgame poster that was released the same day. At the bottom of the poster, the name of each of the film’s actors is listed to give them credit for their work. Benedict Wong, the actor that plays Wong and Jon Favreau, the actor that plays Happy Hogan are listed amongst the characters we’ve already seen in the trailers. This means that the two likely survived Thanos’ snap and will be helping the Avengers stop Thanos and save the day.


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