Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown

We were all pleasantly surprised when we saw the Avengers: Endgame trailer drop during the Super Bowl. So surprised that you probably blinked, cried, or screamed through most of the 30-second trailer.  So, check out all the hints, clues, and Easter Eggs you missed in Sinfully Cinematic’s trailer breakdown.

The Flashing Characters

If you blinked, you probably missed all the characters that flashed on your screen before the trailer even started. However, if you slow the sequence down, you’ll realize that 14 Marvel heroes flashed before your eyes – 13 of whom are currently “dead”. These characters include Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Wasp, Doctor Strange, Bucky Barnes, T’Challa, and a shot of the Guardians of the Galaxy team (Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket). With the exception of Rocket, who was likely just photobombing, each of these characters was dusted or killed by Thanos in Infinity War. They also appear in the trailer in the order in which they were dusted in the film, starting with Wasp and ending with Vision, who was murdered by Thanos pre-snap.

Each of these characters is also shown with accents of the color red, which is also used to highlight the number 10 in the “Marvel Studios” logo shown at the end of the sequence. Now, this logo is a very specific graphic that was used to portray the 10-year Marvel Studios anniversary. However, Marvel Studios celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2018, so why was this logo used in the 2019 Endgame trailer?

Since the 10 is highlighted in the same red shade as the missing characters in the opening sequence, this could suggest a connection between them and the number. Could the Avengers travel 10 years in the past to save the fate of the universe? Could Endgame occur over the course of 10 years? Or is this information completely and utterly irrelevant?

The red could also represent the blood spilled during Infinity War or the Reality Stone. The Reality Stone is a red hue in the MCU and therefore, this could support the theory that none of the missing Avengers are actually dead and they were all simply teleported to a different reality.

Did Marvel Edit a Character Out of the Trailer?

Despite how many times we’ve all scoured through the MCU trailers, the Russo Brothers are always able to completely surprise us when the films come out. This is because the trailers are never what they seem and sometimes Marvel Studios edits things out of the trailer to prevent spoilers. This is why there are shots of Thor with both eyes in the Infinity War trailers and why Spider-Man was edited out of Civil War trailers.

This could mean that some characters and special effects were also edited out of the Endgame trailer. In the scene where the Avengers are standing outside of Avengers Tower looking at something off in the distance, the spacing between the characters is a little off. We see Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, and Bruce Banner on the left and then a person-sized gap between them and Rhodey. This could suggest that someone or something was deleted from the scene to prevent spoilers. In all likelihood, the missing character is probably Iron Man, seeing how he would fit in perfectly with this team – particularly in between Banner and Rhodey. However, the missing character could also be Captain Marvel, Loki, Shuri, or another hero the MCU hasn’t even introduced yet.

This happens again at the end of the trailer, where we see the remaining heroes going off to battle in the sunset. They’re walking in a single file line until there’s a gap towards the back of the line. There seems to be another person-sized hole between Ant-Man and War Machine, which could suggest the same person was once again edited out.

Where Do We Go, Now That They’re Gone?

During the trailer, we see Steve Rogers attending what looks like a support group for people that lost loved ones during the snap. Before you see him at the meeting, there’s a sign that says “Where do we go, now that they’re gone?”. On this sign, there’s a man staring at 7 shadows. These 7 shadows likely represent the remaining original Avengers – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and War Machine.

Tony Stark Survives His Time in Space?

When we saw Tony Stark in the first trailer, he was floating in space with limited oxygen and food. However, if you were paying attention, the trailer showed a little bit more of Stark and his influence.

We clearly saw him working with Nebula on some type of tech. Now, this is most likely part of their escape plan/survival mechanism to get themselves out of space and down to Earth. The trailer doesn’t actually show that Stark survived space, until you see War Machine’s new suit.

Later on in the trailer, War Machine is sporting a new tech suit that we haven’t previously seen in the MCU. As Stark is the one who made his original suit, this could suggest that he survived his time in space and had time to make upgrades to his friend’s armor.

Captain America’s Shield

Captain America symbolically ditched his shield during Captain America: Civil War to represent his falling out with Stark and turning his back on the Avengers team. However, he’s literally picking up the mantle again for one last fight to help save his friends and the rest of the universe.

This shield isn’t the same shield he left at the airstrip in Civil War though. That shield was a Stark-upgraded weapon that connected to Rogers’ arm using magnets. The shield shown in the trailer is very different and looks much like Rogers’ original shield. It must be strapped on and manually attached.

Shifting back to his old gear could suggest that Cap will go back in time to save the missing Avengers. However, it could also simply represent him going back to his roots, or the fact that the shield never made it out of the airstrip in Civil War.

Black Widow’s Hair

Many fans have looked to Black Widow’s constantly changing hairstyles to predict the events of the MCU, and this time is no different. Throughout this trailer and the first Endgame trailer, Black Widow’s hair has changed in length and style.

When we first saw Black Widow in the first trailer, she’s recapping the events of Infinity War and reconciling Steve Rogers. In both of these scenes, she has the same short, blonde hairdo from Infinity War. We also see this haircut in the second Endgame trailer when she’s standing outside the Avengers Tower with Rogers, Banner, and Rhodey.

However, we also see shots of her with longer, braided hair. This is seen in the first trailer when she’s confronting Hawkeye in Japan and in this new trailer when she’s at the shooting range. Her hair here is slightly longer, which could potentially suggest some time will pass in the next film. It could also point to some sort of time travel or just poor continuity on the part of the studio.

Rocket and Thor Team Up Again?

This trailer finally showed us our first glimpse of Rocket post-snap. We see a short clip of him opening an old wooden door, and revealing the luscious scenery behind him. Based on this shot, it seems as though he’s on some type of hilly island or a fisherman’s village, very close to the water. Later on in the trailer, Thor is also walking through an opening into what looks like the same type of location – a mountainous landscape close to water.

Could this mean that we could see Thor team up with the “rabbit” again? Also, where is this location? It sort of looks like the tropical paradise that Thanos was hiding out in Infinity War and the first Endgame trailer. Other fans have also pointed out that the location looks like Norway. Maybe Thor went back to his homeland to live life alone, and Rocket is coming into his cabin to retrieve him for one last stand.

The Final Superhero March Reveals Quantum Realm Suits

At the end of the trailer, we see the remaining heroes walking past the sunset. This is a very iconic shot that points to a lot of imagery and representations of a new day and a new path. However, what might be more impressive, is what the Avengers are wearing.

Although it looks like they’re all going into battle, the Avengers aren’t wearing their typical battle gear. If you look at Thor specifically, he isn’t wearing the cape that he sported in Infinity WarSo, what are they all wearing instead?

These outfits seem to be light and sporty, which have led some fans to believe they’re Quantum Realm suits. The heroes could all be on their way to the Quantum Realm so that they can travel through time and reverse the snap.


Did you catch anything else in the trailer? Shoot your thoughts in the comments!


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