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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: First Trailer Breakdown

Sony Pictures released the first trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. In the trailer, Miles is growing up and teaming up with spider-people from across the Spider-Verse. Check out this complete list of all of the Spider-Man variants swinging alongside him, as well as all the Easter eggs and references you might have missed in the trailer.

Everyone is Wearing a Wristband

Throughout the trailer, check out every spider-person’s wrist. They’re all wearing wristbands, even Gwen and Spider-Man 2099. These wristbands might be the way that the spider-people are traveling across the Spider-Verse without glitching.

Something that’s also interesting to note is the use of hexagons throughout the trailer. Hexagons have traditionally been used throughout the MCU to signify time or multiverse travel.

Reference to Archie Comics

As the trailer starts, we see the logo change from Sony to Columbia. If you look real quick, the iconic image of the lady holding the torch glitches and she becomes animated. This animation is similar to the animation style used in the Archie comics.

Nod to Miles’ Puerto Rican Roots

Miles’ mom is Puerto Rican and therefore, while Miles is swinging through the city, fans can spot some nods to his heritage. There are two Puerto Rican flags in this scene as well as a storefront with the words “Puerto Rico” written on it.

Reference to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The trailer reveals a quick look at teenage Miles’ room, which is full of Easter eggs and references. On his wall, Miles taped an old school PlayStation game cover. If you zoom in, you can see that the game is called Top Skater and the name is written in the same font as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. In this game, players could unlock Spider-Man and skate as the web-slinging hero.

A Tribute to Bruce Lee

Next to the Top Skater game cover, fans can also spot a poster for a film called The Way of the Butterfly. This is a shoutout to Bruce Lee’s movie, The Way of the Dragon.

Nod to the First Appearance of Spider-Man

When Gwen opens the portal into Miles’ room, a comic floats across the superhero’s head. This comic is called True Life Tales of Spider-Man, but features the cover from Amazing Fantasy #15, the comic that marks the first appearance of Spider-Man in 1962.

Also, check out Miles’ new jersey. The number 42 was displayed a lot in the first movie as a nod to Jackie Robinson. Looks like Across the Spider-Verse will continue the trend.

Terriyakimon Cards

Some eagle-eyed fans spotted trading cards floating around Miles’ room. Although they look like Pokémon cards, they’re actually knock-off Terriyakimon cards.

Gwen Stacy’s Outfit Changed Since the First Look

Back in December 2021, Sony released a first look at Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. In this first look clip, Gwen Stacy portals into Miles’ room just like in the official trailer. However, she has changed her outfit since the first look. Apparently the Spider-Verse got chillier and she now has to wear a pink sweater.

The MK II Suit

Now it’s time to point out some of the Spider variants sprinkled throughout the trailer. The Spider-Man from this scene is wearing the MK II suit from the PS4 game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The suit is unlocked at level 5 and includes a bulletproof capability.

PS4 Spider-Man Suit

The spider person in this scene is wearing the superhero’s PS4 game suit. The same suit is also seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as part of Peter Parker’s suit collection.

Anya Corazon

The Spider-Man wearing black and white in this scene could be Anya Corazon. Anya became Spider-Girl when she sacrificed her life to save a man being attacked by the Sisterhood of the Wasp. The man she saved, Miguel Legar happened to be the sorcerer of the Spidey Society and transferred some of his powers to her.

Iron Spider Armor

This suit is likely the Iron Spider Armor that Tony Stark made for Peter Park during Civil War in the comics.


This is Spider-Cop, a seasoned veteran of the NYPD. In the comics, Spider-Gwen recruited him to join the Spider gang in order to defeat vampire-like characters called the Inheritors.

Lady Spider

The Spider-Person with the gold legs on her back is Lady Spider, also known as Maybelle Reilly. Reilly was inspired by spiders after one bit her in her father’s study. The spider bite taught her never to let anyone keep her caged. Therefore, after her father died, Reilly used some parts from his garage to create her spider suit.

Spinneret and Spiderling

The lady in the white and red suit is Mary Jane Watson as Spinneret and the girl next to her is her daughter, Annie Parker or Spiderling.

Manga Spider-Man

This Spider-Man is from the Marvel Manga-verse.

Future Foundation Spider Suit

This Spider-Man is wearing the Future Foundation suit, which first appeared in FF #1. In this comic, Spider-Man joins the Future Foundation after the death of Human Torch. Players of the PS4 game can also equip the suit to their character.

The Bombastic Bag-Man Suit from Fantastic Four

In The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #258, Reed Richards separated Peter Parker from the Venom symbiote, leaving Parker without a costume. Therefore, the Human Torch gave Parker a spare Fantastic Four costume with no shoes, a paper bag for his head, and a “Kick Me” sign on his back.

The PS4 game also includes the Bombastic Bag Man suit as a wearable item.

The Spider Werewolf

Surprisingly, Peter Parker has merged with a wolf on a couple of occasions. In Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle, Parker returns from space to find everyone has turned into werewolves. However, the superhero succumbs to the same fate and transforms into a werewolf after seeing the full moon.

On Earth-7085, Peter Parker also became a flesh-eating werewolf. Eagle-eyed fans can spot one of these two canine variants wolfing his way across the right side of the scene.

Peter B. Parker Had a Baby

When we first see Peter B. Parker in the trailer, he has a baby carrier strapped to his body. This suggests he and Mary Jane might have patched things up and had a baby since the last movie.

Spider Woman

The trailer provides fans with a glimpse at Spider-Woman, also known as Jessica Drew. As a kid, Jessica became ill due to uranium exposure and in order to save her life, her father and his research partner injected Jessica with a spider serum and placed her in a genetic accelerator for decades. When she was cured, she obtained superhuman powers.

Jessica eventually joined Hydra and was assigned to kill Nick Fury. Refusing to complete the mission, Jessica was sent on a path towards heroism. In Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Woman will be voiced by Insecure‘s Issa Rae. The character is also expected to be pregnant throughout the film.

Gabriella is Spider-Man 2099’s Daughter

In the comics, Spider-Man 2099, also known as Miguel O’Hara has a son named Gabriel. Based on this scene from the trailer, it looks like the creators did a switcheroo and changed the character’s son into a daughter named Gabriella. This was likely done to mirror Miles’ relationship with his mother.

In the trailer, Miguel is watching a file on Gabriella, which makes it seem as though she’s missing and he’s looking to protect her and return her home.

Spider-Armor MK I

Later on in the trailer, we see the Spider people in action. One of the Spider-men flying through the air is wearing the MK I Spider Armor. Peter Parker developed the armor at Empire State University as a pseudo-metallic, bulletproof suit. It was only featured in one comic book, as it was destroyed with acid at the end of the issue.

The suit also made an appearance in the series finale of the 1994 Spider-Man television series. In this episode, a billionaire Peter Parker from another universe shows up wearing the suit.

Spider-Man 2099 Chases Miles in the Future

At the end of the trailer, Spider-Man 2099 is chasing Miles on a roadway, with the words “Follow the Speed Limit” flashing in Spanish across the top. This likely takes place on Earth-928, as the same scene was depicted in the 2021 “first look” of the film and Spider-Man 2099 had the number 928 flashing on his digital wristband. Earth-928 is a possible future of Earth-616, where humans defeated mutants in a civil war and the United States became uninhabitable.


Were you able to find any other Easter eggs, hidden references, or secrets in the first official Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer? Sound off in the comments!

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